Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2016 YW Themed Bottle Cap Images - PRESS FORWARD!


It's September - and you know what that means!! Creative types like me are hunkered down in our craft rooms; busy working on the newly announced LDS Themes for 2016!  And, OF COURSE, as soon as my 2016 YW Planners were done I had to get rolling on new bottle cap images!  I am loving these colors, they are a unique combination I haven't used before and I'm thrilled with how they turned out!

What makes "Press Forward" Bottle Caps Crafts so great...?

Birthday gifts for your YW
★ Great "drop by" gifts for inactive girls
★ Perfect favor for big events like New Beginnings
★ Fun project for a craft night activity or for CAMP!

If you are a bottle cap pro, you can skip this post and head straight to my shop to grab the file - then be sure to skip over to Fizzy Pops to snatch up your supplies (use CANVAS10 to save 10%)!  

If you are new to bottle caps or would like more ideas and tips - read on... :)

First thing to know... is your bottle cap images come as 4x6 photo files that you an either print at home (on a 4x6 photo print setting) or order them from your favorite photo lab like Sam's or Costco. Personally, I print mine at home on glossy photo paper from the Dollar Store.  Next, you'll need a 1" round craft punch to punch them out.  You COULD trim with scissors, but that would take forever - save yourself the time and grab a punch with your next Michaels coupon!

You'll also need E6000 Glue (found at any craft store), it's made for attaching things to metal - other glues will not work. Trust me, I've tried.  And, of course, you'll need your Fizzy Pops Supplies - bottle caps and epoxy stickers!  I will say that I've bought these from several sources on Etsy and Amazon - and Fizzy Pops has SUPERIOR quality and they are the ONLY ones I recommend.  Their stickers are thick and firm - which gives your bottle cap a very, very nice dome finish.  All others I tried were thin, flimsy and yellowed.  Eeewwww!

When you are shopping at Fizzy - be sure to check out the DIY Kits where you get the stickers with the bottle caps (or purchase them separately if you prefer).  Keep in mind whether you want necklaces, key chains or zipper pulls.

Bottle Cap projects can be as simple or complex as you'd like.  To make the necklace, it's literally just punch, stick and glue.  Done.  Using beads or adding charms takes a bit more time and expense.  I LOVE this heart arrow charm I found {HERE} - super inexpensive, just $2.45 for 10.  If you love the beaded zipper pull - perfect for hanging on a church bag, backpack or scriptures - I did a pretty detailed tutorial on my blog a while back that has pictures, instructions and lots of links to where I buy my beads!

One last link... if you are ready to grab your images, visit my shop HERE!

Use COLETTE to save 20% on any purchase, or use CANVAS30 for 30% off $10+

Happy Crafting!

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Shawna Thomas said...

Hi Colette, I purchased these bottle caps printables through Etsy, but when I printed them off, the circles were larger than 1". I am cutting off letters to get them to fit in the Fizzy pop kits. Please help.

Colette said...

Hi, Shawna... :) I have a quick and easy fix for you. When you print, be sure to set your paper size to 4x6 - this will correct the size issue and they'll fit perfectly! Let me know if you have any other questions... have fun making your caps! ♥

Karen Garbig said...

Hi Collette - I love the new key chain for the 2016 YW theme. I would like to give them to the girls as part of our New Beginnings program Would you sell the completed key chains,

Colette said...

Hi, Karen... :)

I'd be happy to make up a set for you! I'll do an order minimum of 25 - for regular key chain (no beads or arrow) for $2.50 each. Key chain with arrow charm for $3 each. If that interests you, just let me know - email me at I think it would take me a week or so - depending on how many you need, I may have to order more arrow charms. :)


Karen Garbig said...

Colette please email me at

Leslie Lim said...

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