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Q.  What kind of printer do you have?

My printer is one of my most used tools, so I need something reliable and awesome!  I have an HP Envy 7640 and love it.  My favorite feature?  BORDERLESS photo printing... a bonus that comes in handy for a printables fanatic like me!  My second favorite feature?  HP Instant Ink!  I bit the bullet and finally signed up and LOVE IT!!  There are various plans, I chose the $9.99 a month for 300 pages.  My printer automatically communicates with HP and they auto-ship my ink when my printer tells them I need it.  Now, I never run out and those $100+ ink purchases at Sam's finally ceased.  I would HIGHLY recommend, especially if you LOVE printing in color like I do!  They have plans as low as $2.99 per month, so definitely worth checking out!  In general, though, I would recommend photo printers over office jets or laser for this type of printing. 
  • Current Promotion: If you sign up for HP Instant Ink using THIS LINK - we BOTH get a free month of ink!

Q. What kind of paper do you use?
The REAL secret behind printing great printables is using high quality paper with your printer's BEST Quality print setting.  With glossy papers, the ink will sit "on top" of the paper and not be absorbed by the paper's fibers which ultimately "dulls" the look of your ink. I figure, I'm USING the ink anyway - I might as well let it pop off the paper as compared to letting it soak in and be dull! Below are my go to papers for all of my printable projects:

Q.  Which sized punches do I need for which printables?

Q. Where can I find the cute tins or bags for the Seek It! Games?

Q. Where do you get your bottle cap supplies?
  • Fizzy Pops: I like "flattened" caps the best! I buy all of my bottle caps, epoxy stickers and lots of my beads and findings from Fizzy and LOVE the quality. They also carry key chains, zipper pulls and ball chain necklaces. 
Happy Printing!

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