Wednesday, August 5, 2015

How to Make CHUNKY BEAD Key Chains!

Oh my goodness... my blog is getting DUSTY!!  It's Summer, what can I say?  Kids home, sleepy mornings, camping trips, grandparents in town... it's been wonderfully-lazy-busy. ♥

HOWEVER... I MUST take a break from my Summer Blogging Break and show you my latest BEAD obsession!!  Look how DARLING these chunky zipper pulls are!!  Just clip them to your key chain and they roll right over your wrist, making it super easy to fish them out of your purse or church bag... I'm in love!

Of course, you'll need some colorful supplies - my FAVE SHOP for all things bead is... of course, Fizzy Pops!!  Some of the beads shown in this post I received as thank you gifts from them (because so many of you now shop there too) - however many of them I've purchased from them and other shops because I have a rare obsession for stripes that must be fed constantly. Ha!  

Below is a list of what you'll need:

5 ♥ 20mm Beads
9 ♥ Assorted 12mm Beads
2 ♥ 8mm Pearls
17 ♥ 2mm Silver Spacers
1 ♥ 4mm Jump Ring
16" of wire, cut
1 Large Lobster Clasp (I found this at Joann's)
1 Crimp Bead

Tools needed: Wire Cutters (to trim your wire) & Crimp Tool or Flat Nose Pliers (to set your crimp)

Now that you have your supplies - it's time to lay out your pattern.  I've been making these up all week and this is the pattern that I created and have continued to copy with each one.

You'll notice that the "central" bead is the round crystal at the bottom of the picture.  Start stringing one up from that one and go all the way around until they are all on the wire.

Oh gosh.  Bright stripes make me happy!

Once you have it all strung, you'll want to add that central bead to join the wires.  See image below...

This part takes a bit of patience, but once you've done it once and you get in a groove - it gets easier and easier!  Next...

If you've never worked with crimp beads - they are pretty easy, but it's helpful if someone can show you what to do.  Here's a video tutorial on Fizzy Pop's Blog where Erika shows you how to set a crimp.  If you fast forward to about minute 7:00 - you can see how she does it. :) 


So... that's where my little creativity bug has been occupied lately.  I've made about a dozen so far and plan to give them as gifts to my girlfriends this Christmas!  They look DARLING in a little white organza gift bag by the way!!  Definitely swing by Fizzy Pops to pick up your beads and supplies - I got everything from them for the pink one I made in the tutorial (except the heart lobster clasp which is from Joann's).  Then don't forget to use CANVAS10 to save 10% on your order!!

Where I find my polka dot beads : Whimsy & POP and Bubblegum Bead Co

Happy beading!

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