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My name is Colette... and I am a mom to 4 and wife of 20 years to my best friend. I am scrapbooker turned printables designer, font lover, planner junkie, blogger and small business owner! I originally started my blog in 2010 as a creative outlet and a general place to share my design projects with friends and family.  Over time as my readership grew, I opened an Etsy Shop with the hope that it could, at minimum, pay for all my trips to the craft store! At the time, it was very much a hobby and I was excited to see how it could grow.

Then, in 2012, life took a unexpected turn when my tough-as-nails hubby was diagnosed with cancer.  Overnight, my shop quickly became a very important source of income, as well as a much needed creative distraction to keep me balanced through some of our hardest times. Since then, he has fought cancer a second time and is still battling through recovery of a Stem Cell Transplant that left him unable to return to the career he loved.  Admittedly, some days life gets overwhelming at our house... but I'm so grateful for my family, for deep rooted faith, for how we've grown and so grateful that our kids know that we can do hard things when we do them together!  Life is so precious and I'm grateful to have learned how much they really mean to me... ♥

Anyway, I hope you'll stick around for a while and browse.  Chances are you'll find something you'll love!  You should start by peaking at my Freebie Library... there's tons of goodness over there!  I also do lots of printables for my volunteer work at church, you can find those on my LDS Printables page {HERE}. And, if you are into Subway Art... I've got a collection that'll knock your socks off!  The personalized ones are my favorite. :)  I also have an unhealthy addiction to being organized, having cute lip balm labels, bright candy bar wrappers, bookmarks and an endless supply of gift tags.  Heck, you should probably just stop by My Shop to take a peak, it's oozing with cuteness and printables galore.

Much love...

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