Monday, January 9, 2017

Gordon B. Hinckley - RS Lesson Helps! (#2)

WOW!! Lisa and I are SO EXCITED about how well received the first Gordon B. Hinckly RS Lesson Kit was that we were anxious to get Lesson #2 ready!! This kit is basically a collection of DARLING visuals you can use as you present and discuss the lesson... we want you spending your time preparing, not trying to create cute printables, let us do that!!

This set includes Section Headings, Word Strips from Section 4 to help lead discussion, a Quote/Scripture for display or handout (8x10 & 4x6) + nugget wrappers with scripture references AND a super cute circle tag with a quote from the lesson (Lisa also includes a few ideas of what you can do with the tag to make your handout).

Grab the Lesson #2 Kit HERE!

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