Monday, November 14, 2016

{NEW} Seek It Games for the Holidays!

I'm so excited my sister has joined my Design Team - she is REALLY cranking out some fun stuff!!  She plays lots of games with her kids, so this collection has been a natural start for her! Similar to the "Spot It" Style game, these are ULTRA-CUTE, easy to make and she'll be making one for every holiday!  So far, she has created Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a Nativity ones!

Playing is fun and is for all ages, even little ones! My teens have as much fun as her 4 year old... it's truly a family game, but is also perfect for classroom settings and any other time you need to whip out something fun for everyone.  The basic premise of the game is to find your match quicker than your opponents... each card has ONE MATCH with all other cards, so the quicker you find your match with the center pile, the faster you'll be declared the winner!  See the image above to see how the matches are made... 

Making up a set is super easy as well.  Simply print, punch, laminate and trim! You can also store your games in a variety of ways.  A super cheap way is with 4x6 Organza Gift Bags... or if you are okay with spending a bit more, you can buy round tins that fit the cards perfectly!  I'll put some links at the end of the post to show you the items I've bought on Amazon (in case you are a Prime Junkie like me)!

Such a fun collection... all available {HERE}!

Have fun making these AND playing them afterwards!!

Click HERE to get a free 30 trial of this fun, easy & awesome software!

PS... The links shared below are Affiliate Links, meaning if you decide to purchase something that I link up, Amazon will toss me back a few pennies as a thank you for sending traffic and customers (at no additional cost to you). Rest assured, anything I link up in this or other posts, I've bought and used myself and found the product to be worthy of my needs - or is equivalent to something I've purchased in the past. This will hopefully also help with the hundreds of emails I get each month asking where I find the unique products I use to help assemble and complete my printables.

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