Thursday, November 24, 2016

{NEW} Alphabet Letter Nuggets - Christmas Edition!!

Oh. My. Word.

NEW for Black Friday... Christmas Themed LETTER Nuggets for spelling names and your favorite Christmas words!! Think grandkids, kids, party guests' names, care packages, gift baskets, neighbors, your kids' friends, a teacher's name... Need I say more?

Ok, yes, I'll say more... how about JOY, MERRY, SANTA or THANKS?!!

Definitely my most versatile nugget set ever... 

It comes as a 7 page PDF with a nice selection of letter multiples - so you should be able to get several names out of just one print.  Page 5 is a sheet of "accent" wrappers that can be used with names or in a strip by themselves!  The trays can be trimmed down to size depending on how long the name or word is - or you can save ink by simply making your own trays out of red or green card stock.

If you are new to my nugget wrappers - you can get the tall cello bags (Pretzel Stick Size, 2.25x9.75") at any craft store that sells cake decorating supplies OR if you prefer Amazon Prime like me... here's a link as well

Below is your Black Friday Reminder!!

Happy Shopping!


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