Wednesday, March 16, 2016

LDS Planner Stickers for BUSY Mormon Moms!

The planner sticker CRAZE has gotten a firm hold of me and I couldn't rest until there was a set out there to cater to the busy lives of LDS Women!!  The AWESOME thing about planner stickers - is you can change the look and purpose of whatever planner you use - and in this case, make ANY PLANNER A MORMON PLANNER!! If you look closely... I've got temple stickers, tithing reminders, dots to mark VT and HT visits, personal and family study trackers, feed the missionary stickers, LOTS of "mtg" stickers, FHE planner, service, lesson reminders, and tons more!! Our religion is not just our belief and our faith, it's a culture and our busy lives revolve around it - and this sticker set will help you not only decorate, but color coordinate whatever planner or calendar you use!

And... best of all - for you crafty Silhouette Ladies, I'll teach you how to "sticker cut" my printables - OR if that doesn't excite you... I've opened a new Etsy Shop where you an buy your stickers printed/cut and shipped right to you!

Curious on how to set my stickers up on the Silhouette?  View my video below!

SO FUN!!  Happy Planning, Ladies!!

Click HERE to get a free 30 trial of this fun, easy & awesome software!

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