Thursday, November 12, 2015

2016 YW Printables + SALE & GIVEAWAY!!

Wow... now that's a collection!! 

I've put the finishing touches on my YW Printables for 2016 and wanted to post about them all at once.  Of course, the Presidency Planner and Bottle Caps have been around since early Fall - but I wanted to introduce you to what's new!  As expected, there are both KISS and NUGGET sets adorned with the "Press Forward" theme... and of course a Subway!  Like last year, I am bundling the Subway, Lip Balm and Bookmarks together as one!  New to the collection are "Come, Follow Me" Monthly Themed Posters AND an awesome new Candy Bar Wrapper collection!  It comes with 1 wrapper, but with SIX round tags to use interchangeably... a bigger picture is below:

Using a double-stick foam square - attach the circle tag you need so that it "lifts" off the bar.  You can trim the tags with scissors - or they are perfectly sized for your 2" round punch.  I love the tag... it adds a fun element of dimension and design and makes it NOT your average wrapper!  Use it as a birthday gift, one to encourage, congratulate, great for "drop by" visits - or use the theme tag and it's a perfect favor for New Beginnings! 

 YW Leaders are always looking for gift ideas, favors and handouts to reinforce the theme.  As you give them little gifts like these throughout the year... they can visually incorporate the theme into their daily lives.  Plus... they are dang cute - and who doesn't love that?!!

One last new printable not shown above is my updated 2016 Value Nugget Set!  I love thinking of ways each year to apply the new theme to Personal Progress and this is what I came up with! "Press Forward with Personal Progress"!  The nugget wrappers have been updated from last year's version to brighter and bolder colors and patterns.  I'm loving the tag - and LOVE how the new theme applies to everything we do - even Personal Progress!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED:  Visit my shop {HERE} to checkout all of my 2016 YW Printables or grab  THIS COLLECTION that has them all!  Check the listings for current coupons, too!

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UPDATE: Congrats to my WINNERS... Jenny M. and Wendy M.!!  They'll both receive all of the files in this post + Jenny will be getting a $5 refund from previously purchasing the planner and Wendy gets a $10.50 refund from purchasing the Kisses, Nuggets and LipBalm/Bookmarks!  Nice!!

Oh... and one more thing!  A coordinating freebie for everyone!

Download the FREE CUPCAKE TOPPERS printable {HERE}!

Good luck, friends!  Winner (or winners) will be announced on Monday morning!

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Moses Family said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So excited to use all of these!

Wendy M. said...

Wahoo!!! Thanks a million for all these fabulous printables. I am super excited to use them. Just one more "riesen" to be grateful for crafty people like you who share your talents. Thanks also for the extra money that will more than likely go right back into your shop. You are the best. Have a happy and safe Turkey Day.