Friday, October 23, 2015

New SPOOKY CUTE Halloween Bottle Caps!

I love Halloween... well, the "Spooky Cute" side of it.  I'm not into the darkness or gore - as long as it's CUTE - I'm in.  Or, if it involves chocolate... I'm in then too.  At our house this year, we have a cat, a basketball player and Albert Einstein.  It's so fun to let them dress up and celebrate the fun little things in life... I really do love it!   To add to the fun - I like to wear black and orange the week of Halloween and adding a little bit of jewelry adds a festive flare!  Thus... the new design!

If you are new to bottle caps - you MUST give them a try!  They are super cheap, super fun AND super quick!  I get my supplies from my favorite shop Fizzy Pops!  My customers are such good customers for them - they made us a coupon code to use - CANVAS10 for 10% off!

I prefer (and almost ALWAYS) buy the flattened style bottle caps - I just like them better.  They come in several styles... necklace pennants, zipper pulls, plain or with a key ring - so be sure when you are checking out that you grab the right type for your project.

One of my personal FAVORITE things to do with my cap images is to create a beaded masterpiece!  I should say that merely a year ago, I'd never touched a bead tool or knew the difference between a split ring and a jump ring!  I would have NEVER thought I could do this!  However, after following some awesome online tutorials - I've developed a new hobby and I love it!  The zipper pulls are my favorite - you can hang them from a purse or bag or backpack... and the colors just make me happy!  

I did a detailed tutorial on how I make these {HERE} if you want to peak!

I hope you and your little spooks have a wonderful holiday!


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