Monday, October 19, 2015

NEW Primary Bottle Caps for 2016!

By popular request... I've designed a few new Bottle Cap Image Collections for the 2016 LDS Primary Theme!!  My goal with colors on these was to make sure each set had cute images for BOTH the girls AND the boys!!  Cute "boy" things are so hard to come by... I thought it was fun to pick out patterns and colors that reminded me of Sunday ties. :)  Bottle Caps are a great way to introduce the theme, are fun birthday gifts or make inexpensive (but thoughtful) "drop-by" gifts for kiddos you haven't seen in a while... ♥

If you are an old bottle cap pro and know what you want... visit my shop {HERE}!

OR... If you are new and need a closer look at these 1 inch circles of cuteness... read on! :)

I think the easiest and most popular bottle cap crafts are zipper pulls (great for hanging on scripture bags) or necklaces, particularly for the girls!  Key chains are awesome too, what kid doesn't love hanging a key chain from their school backpack?

I thought this design was fun... related to the theme, but more visual.  I think it's my favorite!  
Might be a helpful reminder of the theme for your Jr Primary non-readers.

... and then there's the beads... 

The ladies in Primary LOVE bottle caps too - especially when they are adorned with bright, colorful beads!  Making these is easier than it looks - I did a step-by-step tutorial a while back that will show you exactly how to make them {HERE}.  I have this EXACT one hanging from the button loop on my church bag - any of the designs would look awesome with beads!

 Making them up really is a snap... less than a minute each!  Simply punch the image from your 4x6 with 1" round craft punch.  Next, apply the Epoxy Sticker (image side up).  Then, using E6000 Glue (which is formulated for adhering items to metal) use a tiny dab to attach the image to the bottle cap and let dry.  Done!

TIP:  I get my bottle caps and epoxy stickers and most of my beads from Fizzy Pops!  I should note that I prefer flattened caps, so that's what you see in all of my pics.  They are simply the best quality I've found - and believe me, I shopped around!  They've been kind enough to offer my followers a 10% discount... just use CANVAS10 at checkout!

Have a great day!

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Amy said...

Yay!These are darling. We are going to use them as Christmas gifts for the primary and will introduce the theme for the new year. Thanks for sharing your talents <3