Friday, October 9, 2015

New AWARENESS Bottle Cap Image Collections!

Since releasing my "Think Pink" Bottle Cap Images a few weeks ago - I've gotten a load of emails requesting more colors... so I got to work and punched out more!  If you already know how to use these cute little nuggets of round-ness - you can find all of these collections in my shop {HERE}!

Or... if you are new to the AMAZING world of bottle cap crafts - keep reading!

One of my personal FAVORITE things to do with my cap images is to create a beaded masterpiece!  I should say that merely a year ago, I'd never touched a bead tool or knew the difference between a split ring and a jump ring!  I would have NEVER thought I could do this!  However, after following some awesome online tutorials - I've developed a new hobby and I love it!  The zipper pulls are my favorite - you can hang them from a purse or bag or backpack... and the colors just make me happy!  

I did a detailed tutorial on how I make these {HERE} if you want to peak!

Of course... you don't have to add beads and they still turn out awesome.  These make great gifts or event favors, are perfect for local fundraising and the reaction you get when people see them is priceless!  Making a simple necklace or key chain like these takes about 1 minute - or less!

Here's a quick info-graphic that shows you how simple they really are!  I buy my magnets, round punch and glue at any craft store - then grab my bottle caps, beads and epoxy stickers at Fizzy Pops (PS... use CANVAS10 to save 10% on your order with them - they LOVE my readers and offered us all a discount!!)

Happy Crafting!

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