Friday, October 16, 2015

New Annual COUNTDOWNS, MENUS & Bottle Caps!

Oh gosh. The cuteness is killing me!

My original plan was to design a set of Annual Countdowns... but as it came together (and my school girl giddy-ness took over) - I couldn't rest until I had a set of coordinating Menu Planners AND a set of matching bottle caps!  I mean... we are all going to want cute magnets to hang these on our fridges, right?!! What I'm loving about this set, too, is that it's something I WANT for myself - but will make a FANTASTIC gift this holiday season as well!  Win/win!!

You can just laminate and switch out what you hang on the fridge - or you can frame.  I use white-ink markers to write on mine.  You can find these at any office, craft or big box store... typically by the posters or craft paint.  Some are wet erase, some are window paint, some are permanent... but all of them write well on glass and clean off easily with a wet cloth.  SO FUN!!

Each set is it's own listing in my Etsy Shop - so you can grab the one you like best, or pick up all three!  As always, I have some great coupons you can use... COLETTE will save you 20% at checkout, or CANVAS30 is good for 30% for orders over $10. 

Now for the giveaway... !!!


PRIZE #1 - A printed set of Menu Planners + White-Ink Marker & a set of magnets!
PRIZE #2 - A printed set of Countdowns + White-Ink Marker & a set of magnets!

Enter below... ENTRIES CLOSE @ 2PM EST on Monday 10/19!

UPDATE!! We have our WINNERS!!  Congrats to Lori (Countdown Winner) and Korine (Menu Winner)!! Never fear if you didn't win... you can still grab the files from my shop (HERE)!  Be sure to use COLETTE at checkout to save 20% - or if your order is $10+ use CANVAS30 to save 30%! 

Thanks to everyone who entered - I am so excited you guys love these giveaways and will continue to do more!

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pettie1019 said...

Love all of your designs!!!

cghundley said...

These look neat and
would be fun to win
and use. Thanks!
Carla from Utah

decor said...

Those are looks pretty and adorable. Love it!

Korine said...

I was lucky enough to be one of the winners this time and I am so excited and so grateful to Colette for sharing her amazing talent and vision with the rest of us.

Thank you Colette - I'm so looking forward to printing some of these off and making some gifts for people I love!

You're the best!