Wednesday, September 23, 2015

General Conference Quotes: April 2015

Wow.  I finally finished them!! I typically do my quotes right on Conference Weekend, but with April's Sessions falling on the Easter Holiday - it wasn't a difficult choice to set them aside and spend the time with my family instead.  Then, as I began to study the talks in preparation for October's Sessions - I was so inspired by them that I couldn't hold back any longer!  When a quote touches me - the design, the colors and the fonts just bring themselves together.  It's always a deeply spiritual experience as I create each one... needless to say, these last few days I've been well fed.  A spiritual boost I definitely needed... and I'm looking forward to conference now more than ever!  I hope you enjoy them... I hope I made up some of your favorites too! ♥

If you would... please PIN your favorites as you go, then download at the bottom!

Each quote is saved as a 5x7 JPEG {perfect for photo printing}.  They make great lesson handouts, VT gifts, framed art for your home or desk or are wonderful in an album!

I already made up the poster versions too... DOWNLOAD HERE!

You might also be interested in my LDS Presidency Planners for 2016... available {HERE}


Enjoy the prints!

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Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for these! I love the poster of all of the quotes together. They are small enough that I can trim them up and leave them around the house, as book markers, and for our church bag.

Best wishes to you and your family on your new adventure here in Utah. Come to Layton! I am in the very best ward ever!!! ;)

Miranda said...

Colette, so glad to have these! I always look forward to your beautiful quote cards.

I did notice a typo (yikes, sorry!) on the one that says, "Nothing will be withheld from those who keep their covenants" (thier -> their)

I wanted to let you know that I just took a typography class, and I used your designs as a reference for one of my projects. I really do get inspired from your designs, thank you so much for your beautiful work!