Thursday, September 3, 2015

2016 Primary Presidency Planner NOW AVAILABLE!!

I'm on a roll this week!! YAY!! BRAND NEW 2016 Primary Presidency Planners hit my shop today!  I started getting emails for this one in JULY - so I'm guessing there will be some happy, dancing Primary Presidents out there right now! One of my most popular printables of all time... this is a MUST HAVE if you are in a Primary Presidency! :)

If you are ready to grab it, visit my shop HERE - or if having a dedicated planner for your calling is new to you... read on! 

The heart of the planner is broken down into monthly sections.  Each section has a divider page, a weekly "At a Glance" page that's helpful for keeping track of weekly meeting notes or to do's + a full page dated monthly calendar (with US Holiday + Church Wide Events) and a 2 page planning spread for keeping track of callings, birthdays, interviews, needs, concerns and assignments!  And... if that doesn't give you enough room... there's a "notes" page in each section as well.  This extra notes page is particularly helpful for Presidents; giving you extra space for Ward Council notes.

In addition... there are extra note pages, a contact sheet + "Looking Ahead" pages for both 2016 and 2016.  "At-A-Glance" calendars are included for both years as well.  Coordinating printable tabs are a DARLING addition and can be printed on sticker paper or simply attached with a staple or clear packaging tape. :)  

Primary Chorister and Activity Days Planners will be released within the next week! 

Happy Planning!!

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