Tuesday, February 3, 2015

NEW Recipe Binder Printables + a GIVEAWAY!

Oh my goodness!!  I have wanted to make a set of recipe printables for years - and after months in the making... they are finally ready!  This set comes in both full size (8.5x11) and half size (8.5x5.5).  Both binder and sheet protector sizes are widely available anywhere that sells office supplies or online.  A full sheet of written instructions is included... but below are some images and tips for assembling yours!

Dying to get started?  Links to these printables are below. Through 2/5 use RECIPE30 to save 30%!

The category pages are SO FUN!!  The two key features of these pages - and I think what makes them unique from any other set out there - is first... each one has a fun, witty or relevant quote!  And second, each of the dividers has a unique paper edging along the right side.  This feature is not only totally cute - it's very functional and will help you quickly navigate your binder!

How does it help you navigate?  Simple... because I used the SAME paper edging on the recipe pages - as you turn and flip through - the edging and coordinating flags helps you quickly see what section you are in!  Each section has a unique, but coordinating, paper!

As your binder lays open, the edging on both the left and right sides matches the edging for that category's divider page.  So, this printable comes with LOTS of pages since every category also has a left and right sided recipe page.

These are what I refer to as the "Designer" Recipe Pages.  They are laid out for you with lines and sections, ready for helping you organize each recipe.  As shown in the graphic above, you can either print and write... or following the instructions included, you can use Adobe Reader, Word or other design programs to add text boxes to these pages prior to printing.

However... if you'd prefer to NOT mess with a bunch of text boxes - you can also use the "blanks" that I included as well.  These pages are quite versatile - you can add more than one recipe per page, you can insert recipe photos, you can set up your own layout... sky is the limit!  Again, detailed instructions are included the the downloads.

And guess what?  It's no coincidence that the binder ALSO matches my new Bottle Cap Menu Board printables!  I'm so excited about these printables and thrilled they are finally done... so I think that means it's also time to celebrate with a giveaway!

I'll be selecting 3 winners - each will receive both the Recipe Binder (your choice of half or full size) AND the Menu Board Printables! And don't worry... if you've already bought these printables, you can choose whether to get a refund for your prize if you win (or I can send the printables to a friend instead).  No reason not to enter, right!?

 To enter, use the Rafflecopter Box below:

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Thanks for entering, everyone!!

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Rachael said...

These are to die for! I love them.

marie.mathew said...

Thank you so much Colette! I am so excited to win, your printables are just gorgeous!!

Chris said...

Thank you so much Colette!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you for such an amazing give away!!!

MollyN1 said...

I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have been picked as a winner! Thank you so much! Keep up the awesome work. Your stuff is SO cute!