Monday, October 20, 2014

{NEW} Primary Chorister Planner + Planner Sale!

Wow!!  With today's addition of my new 2015 Chorister Planner, I've got quite a fun collection of LDS Planners now!  YAY!!  All are on sale this week for just $4 (regularly $6.50)... so now's the time to snatch them up for a great price + be super organized and ready to roll into the new year!  These will make great Christmas gifts for members of your Presidencies - or for a daughter, sister or friend that might be serving in any of these organizations.

Each LDS Planner comes with black/white interior pages, full-color covers and a set of coordinating 1" square tags that can be used as tab dividers.  More detailed instructions can be found at the links below... but basically, after you print and bind your planner, attaching the tabs is easy and helps make navigating the months and sections a cinch.  

(You can also just print the pages and store in a regular 3-ring binder.)

Each planner has it's own specialty pages and monthly/weekly planning sections that help with all aspects of these callings, (the image above is from the new Primary Chorister Planner).  Plus... they are SUPER cute, easy to use and will help you stay on top of every detail!  To get a closer look at each planner... visit the links below:

Happy Planning!

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Patty Patterson said...

So cute! I love your work and will be sharing some things I have made and link back to you on my new blog. Also - I have a give away going on right now that contains the Jesus is the Reason kisses and the Nugget Tray. Would you share it? When I give instructions for making the stuff I put a link back to your etsy site. The new new blog is to try to encourage people to have a more CHRIST centered CHRISTmas and need all the help I can get.