Friday, July 18, 2014

{NEW} Christmas Kiss Stickers in a Mason Jar!

I've been having such a great time this week with "Christmas in July" that I just couldn't help myself but keep designing!  This was a super fun project and I'm excited to have another options for quick and easy gifts this holiday season! And... yes - I plan on doing lots more of these in the future!

Assembly was quick and easy, I'd even say faster than the nugget trays.  Really! The first page of the printable is a sheet of "sticker" dots.  Simply print and punch with a 3/4" punch.  The first set I made, I printed on sticker paper - but soon realized that peeling the backs off the stickers was too time consuming and tedious.  So, I re-printed onto cover stock (which basically is a thin card stock; 64lb), punched and attached to the bottom of the Kiss with a glue stick.  Worked like a charm and was MUCH faster.  The sticker sheet has 80 dots - which coincidentally is about the same amount that comes in one package of Kisses!  I used 3/4 of the Kisses from one package to fill a quart-sized jar.

To make the gift more polished and complete... I added a round gift tag - as well as a Mason Jar Lid Topper!  Then, I use baker's twine to tie.  What a DARLING and easy gift for a neighbor, friend or teacher!  You could also put your decorated Kisses in a cello bag - tied with the tag - or in a glass candy dish.  I'm also thinking just having them scattered around a centerpiece would be fun too.  This set uses similar colors to my "Merry & Bright" Nuggets, so you could consider mixing them as well!

Grab yours in my shop {HERE} - and don't forget, through the rest of today you can use CHRISTMAS40 to save 40% or use CHRISTMAS30 tomorrow (7/19) to save 30%.

Happy Christmas in July!!

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