Monday, June 16, 2014

2015 Planner... Ready to go!

I'm super excited to have my 2015 Personal Planner updated and ready to go!

This planner is the key that holds my busy life together... it's the reason I still have most of my marbles!!  First of all - it's cute.  And, if it's cute, it's more fun to use - more fun to mark up - more fun to carry around!  Second - it's super functional for ANY busy lifestyle. I am asked by friends who know me in person and even by those who only know me online all the time how I do it all.  I've got 4 busy kids, I've been a full time caregiver to my hubby for almost 2 years, I run a busy business... and my single biggest secret to tackling it all - is because I write stuff down.  My planner, this planner... helps me keep track of it all. 

 Below are some of the highlights...

What will you use YOUR weekly to do sections for?  Everyone's "to do" topics will differ; week to week it might differ for you - but you've now got a great place to manage it all.

Among other awesome pages (more photos/details on the Etsy Listing, HERE) - my favorite addition to this version is the monthly tabs!  When printed on full sheet label paper, they become easy to apply sticker tabs.  The monthly spreads are now super easy to find and the little pop of color on the black and white pages makes me happy.

Happy Planning, Friends!

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