Friday, March 14, 2014

FREEBIE - So Very LUCKY to Have You!

Hi, friends...

I am one lucky gal and have so much to be thankful for!  First and foremost that my hubby is in remission from his cancer and his Stem Cell Transplant is now behind us.  Two years we've been fighting!  He is still very weak, but is feeling better and getting stronger!  I now wake up each day excited to see what kind of progress we can make instead of dreading another tough CANCER day!  It's truly a wonderfully indescribable feeling!!  My kids and I are VERY lucky to have him with us today... literally!

I'm also LUCKY to have all of you!  You probably don't know this - but all of you have been played an incredibly helpful role in our battle.  My shop has grown and my sales have exploded... so much so that YOU have helped us stay on top of things this year!  My shop sales have been enough to cover our mortgage and has even contributed to many of our medical bills!  We've also spent thousands of dollars traveling back and forth to NYC for his care; I can't EVEN imagine how we'd have paid for that without the extra money that comes in from my shop!  So... my dear, printable loving friends - I am SO VERY LUCKY to have you!  I am so grateful you enjoy my printables, I'm so thrilled when you share my Facebook posts or PIN my pictures, I love when you tell your friends about me and I hope you know that each time you do any of those things... my reach extends and my shop grows! Without YOU I can't even imagine where we'd be today.  So, when I say I am so very lucky to have you... I really, really am!  

So, because you all are so awesome and have helped make such a difference for our family... this freebie is JUST FOR YOU!  Simply print, trim and either use as a treat tag or a mason jar lid topper and give a sweet treat to the people YOU are lucky to have in your life!  It's super cute with green M&M's or gold foiled candy like Rolos would be darling too.


Lots of love...

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Loves Blue said...

Thank you! I love these!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for these. They are adorable as always!! So glad to hear your hubby doing great...I pray he will continue to progress and this will be behind you for good!!!

Kathryn said...

I'm so glad to hear your husband is on his road to recovery! I'm not on facebook, but would still love to have the PDF. I do google+. Do you?