Wednesday, October 30, 2013


So... my hubs has been in need of a little extra TLC lately... and I knew this was just the thing.  I recently had to move out of our bedroom to the guest room down the hall and it's been so hard on both of us.  With his chemo treatments ramping up, major insomnia and all around restless nights - he needed to be able to be up in the night watching TV to pass the hours - and I needed my rest.  It really was the best solution for both of us, but I know he felt really bad about it.  I wanted to do something to show him I'm okay with it - that just because I'm down the hall doesn't mean I'm gone or that I don't love him!

Isn't this perfect?!!

We actually say this to each other all the time (like ALL the time)... but the idea to design and frame it just popped into my head!  Gotta love it when the OBVIOUS hits!  I tied it with ribbon in "our" cancer color and left it on the nightstand on my side of the bed for him to find.  He was totally surprised and loves it!  I wanted him to know that we are still awesome together... even if I'm sleeping down the hall.  

We've been married for almost 18 years - and after 4 kids, 6 out of state moves and cancer twice... I'm pretty sure we've successfully held it together.  He's pretty awesome at certain things, I'm kinda awesome in others and together we are a package deal.  To us, it's the total package and it's a package that's just right for us.    Our marriage has grown and developed so much the last two years as we've faced his health challenges... and although I could do without the cancer - I do appreciate the growth and intense love that's resulted from it.

So... if you need a motto for your marriage, this is a great one. It represents the fact that everything you do is better when it's done together, as a couple and as a team!  Of course, sometimes it takes work to get on the same page - but if our goal is to be together on everything; with compromise and understanding (and sometimes some really late into the night conversations) we get there.  To me, this is WAY more than just a cute print.  It's a real philosophy that I'd have to attribute our success and happiness to.  Recognizing that I'm better when he's by my side and when I'm by his... it makes our marriage the best it can be.

I've added the print to my shop - it comes as an 8x10, 5x7 and 4x6.  No need to save it for an anniversary or special occasion... get it, print it, frame it and give it!  Living by this philosophy that we are better together has given our marriage a spirit of deep love, genuine respect for each other and complete mutuality... and I hope it does for yours as well. :)  You + Me = Awesome... I love it!!

{As always, this new print is on sale until 10/31.. so hurry and grab it!}

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Valerie said...

I love this, Colette! I think it just jumped to the top of my "Favorites" list!

byufan2 said...

I love it too! And I agree, you two are awesome together. ♥♥♥♥