Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{NEW!!} His & Hers LDS General Conference Journals

I look forward to LDS General Conference so much - and each year I vow to take better notes! However, those notes end up in random notebooks scattered and lost, so I decided to make a dedicated journal to capture the moments and talks that touch me the most. And, to encourage my husband to do the same, I made a version for him too!   You can print one for yourself and for your spouse... then give a set to the families you both Visit and Home Teach!  It's also perfect for older children, for YM or YW - or to give to members of the classes you teach. They can be used during conference as you listen... but also can be used AFTER conference to record notes and thoughts as you re-read/study the talks when the Ensign comes out!

★ Half Size: 5.5" x 8.5" 

This listing is ready to roll and waiting for you in my shop {HERE}. 

PRINTING/ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS:  Print the cover files on white card stock. These images are slightly oversized - which makes trimming them to 8.5x5.5 a perfect (full bleed) cover. Laminate for durability. Next, the interior journaling pages come as a 2 page PDF file. Print the interior pages double-sided. The beauty of this journal is you can add as many interior journaling pages as you'd like so your journal becomes as big or as small as you want. In the samples shown, I printed 25 sheets double-sided, giving me 100 total journaling pages. Once printed, cut your journaling pages in half and assemble with the trimmed/laminated covers. I had mine spiral bound at Staples after printing/trimming at home (or do all the copying trimming there as well). You can also punch and store in a half sized binder if you prefer.

And just in case you didn't notice... the "for her" version coordinates with my Personal Planner. ;)
('cause I'm just that kinda gal)! 



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Alison said...

Such a fabulous idea!! I was totally thinking this morning about how I wanted to do my journaling this year. You saved the day!

Kel said...

I love this!! I totally take notes during conference, but they are in so many random notebooks I have a hard time finding them. Plus, I have to teach any conference talk I pick once every three months in Relief Society, and this will help me remember which talks I want to use for a lesson. Thanks!!

Robyn said...

I love it, I am going to make up a bunch for friends and family!

wilonestar said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I love visiting your blog. It has helped me with my grandkids, YW and hosting parties. I can't thank you enough, not only for sharing your gift of design, but also you willingness to teach others how to attempt it on their own. I hope you have a beautiful day, just like you! Shari A

Colette said...

Shari!!! That is the nicest thing to say, thank you!!

TrudyJJ said...
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TrudyJJ said...

Colette! I was so happy to see a conference journal that matches my planner! I love your stuff. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents. Enjoy General Conference weekend!

shalan said...

Love the Conference Journals! Thank you so much for sharing. My missionaries loved them. Just gave you a 'shout out' on my blog.


Colette said...

Awesome, thank you!! ;)