Tuesday, August 13, 2013

{FREEBIE} Back to School Binder Printables

To stay on top of it all when my kids are in school, I created this "Back to School Binder" and it helps keep me super organized!  It's so stressful to search for lost permission slips, elusive school calendars, disappearing project outlines, schedules and diorama instructions - but now all those important papers have a home! 

Inside my binder, I keep the school's annual calendar in the front sleeve. Then, I have a clear-view folder/divider labeled for each child using the "faux chalkboard" labels.  If you write on the labels with a silver Sharpie or silver Gel Pen, you'll be able to see the writing just fine (I like how it mimics the look of chalk, but without the mess).  I used large clear packing tape to attach the labels to each folder. 

In these folders... I only keep *important* stuff!  Only things I'll need to refer to later... like classroom policies, schedules, calendars, a grading matrix for an upcoming project, book report schedules, lunch account deposit slips... you get the idea.  Don't clutter this book with the "work" and "art" your kids bring home - there are other places to store those treasures.  THIS binder is for important/schedule/informational items only... the things you need to stay on top of, things you still need to sign, passwords to online sites provided by the school, things you need to remember... things you KNOW you'll be looking for later! :)  I keep short term papers in the folders, then papers that I might need the entire year, I punch and store behind each child's folder.

Page 3 of the printable is a black page of "School Notes".  This basically functions like a log - anytime you need to record something (like a conversation with a teacher, an issue, a concern, a progress update, etc...) this is where it can be recorded and tracked.  I printed one off for each child and store it in the binder behind their folder.

Lastly... don't forget to get and label a folder for yourself!  If you volunteer to help in your school's parent organization or are a classroom helper or room mother... you'll have papers to keep track of too! :)  This might also be a good place to store your school's directory. My final tip is to store your binder in an easy to reach, very accessible place so you always know where it is and can get to it daily.

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Happy Organizing!

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momof5 said...

I don't see the BTS Binder on the Facebook page freebies. Am I missing something? Super cute!

Colette said...

Try the "Get Fan Freebies" Icon on the top of my FB page - you may need to refresh your browser once you are in there. It's on the bottom of the list. Enjoy!!

Faith said...

I LOVE your goodies....I have purchased SEVERAL!!:)
I would LOVE to utilize your school freebies...but I dont subscribe to Facebook. Any other ideas???

Colette said...

Hi, Faith... No worries. Just send me an email and I'll reply with the file. :)

Have a good one!