Wednesday, November 25, 2015

BELIEVE NUGGETS... freebie with purchase!

As you know - my EPIC Black Friday Weekend Sale is JUST around the corner and to sweeten the deal... I designed this set of BELIEVE Nuggets as a "Freebie with Purchase"!  Starting with purchases at midnight Thursday night through Tuesday (11/27-12/2), you'll find a link to download this file on the receipt emailed to you by Etsy!

(All coupon codes at the bottom of this post!)

I also wanted to run through all the NEW PRINTABLES I designed specifically for this sale!

One of my FAVORITES is the new Bottle Cap Nativity!!  It's complete with 15 bottle cap images, a background scene (11x14) and 12 Daily Scripture Cards!  Use it as a 12 Day Countdown, as a Nativity Lesson Prop or just let the littles play with it all month long!  

Making them is easy! You'll want to print the background (11x14) and bottle caps (4x6) as photos at your favorite photo lab.  Next, before you frame the background, trim a piece of magnetic sheet metal (found at any hardware store) to fit inside the frame behind the background using metal sheers.  To make your bottle caps, you can peak at this tutorial (HERE).  Then, as long as you've selected good quality magnets, they should hold very well on the scene, even through the glass!  For your Bottle Caps (I like the flat ones best) and Epoxy Stickers - I recommend buying your supplies from Fizzy Pops - best quality and prices around!  They are running 25% off on Black Friday, so that would be a great time to grab your supplies - just use BLACK25.

Next up is a set of coordinating Mason Jar Gift Tags!  My goal was to take the guess work out of all of the little treats you'll be delivering as Christmas and to give you lots of "quick and easy" options!   I did size the tags to work as a Mason Jar gift  (includes matching lid toppers)... but they can be used as gift tags on any goodie plate or treat that matches the tag!  For me... I'll be using these tags and treat ideas for teachers, neighbors, my kids' bus drivers, a couple of coaches and a few friends I like to drop little treats off to. LOVE!!

Or... if you'd rather drop off a more religious treat - this Isaiah inspired "Names of the Savior" Nugget Set would be perfect!  It would be a great treat for YW, RS Ladies, VT/HT Drop-bys or for anyone who you'd like to share a warm message with that centers on the Savior... ♥  This also compliments either my new Isaiah 9:6 Subway or my "Names of the Savior Subway" if you wanted to pair them for a nicer gift.

I've also got a few new subways - in lots of sizes and colors.  Framing a print, big or small, also makes a great gift... and is easy on the pocket book depending on the size and type of frame you choose.  Links for these are below... (I'll be displaying the Isaiah 9 this year on my mantle)!!

Also new in the last couple of weeks + (and a great time to grab during the sale)...


2016 "I Know the Scriptures are True" Printables for Primary {HERE} + these freebies!

2016 YW Printable Collection {HERE}!

So much cuteness to choose from, huh?!! Before you head to MY SHOP to load up on all these fun new things (and to get your free BELIEVE Nuggets)... be sure to check out the schedule and coupon codes below!! Coupons range from 40% - 60% - so be sure to shop on the right day at the right time to get the best deals!

Happy Shopping, my friends!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Black Friday Weekend COUPONS + a GIVEAWAY!!

I've been a busy little elf for weeks and I'm SO EXCITED this week is finally here!! But first, a little sneak peak at what's *NEW* in my shop this week, just in time for the biggest sale of the year!  
Do you love??!  From Isaiah/Nativity Nuggets to a complete set of Christmas Tags; to lots of Subways (Isaiah 9:6, Tree/Luke 2, Bulb) and a NEW extended Bottle Cap Nativity (with 15 images + 12 scripture cards)... I think I have many gifts on your list covered!  I'll also be doing a "free with purchase" printable that will be revealed on Thursday night!

So, fill your carts, make your plans and mark your calendars - here's how it's all going to go down: 

 BUT... WAIT!!!

It gets SWEETER!!! I'm giving away FIVE 75% off coupons to use ANYTIME during the sale!! 

To enter, just follow the instructions for each entry below.  Most of the entries are printables you  PIN from my shop that are on your wishlist (or already in your shopping cart)!  Etsy has a PIN-IT button on each listing - so as you shop and put things in your cart, PIN it too and come back here to enter!  Leave me a comment if you have any questions! 

Winners will be announced Wednesday Night at 10 PM Eastern

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

TUTORIAL: DIY 2016 Primary Theme Tile or Block

As a past Primary President, I was always on the HUNT for gifts... themed gifts particularly.  And, because I was on a strict budget AND had a ton to get/make... DIY's usually were the best solution.  So, this post is to show you how easy and cheap it is to create either a Theme Art Tile or Block!

This printable is available in my shop {HERE}... It also comes with matching bookmarks and lip balm wrappers!  I love how these three things are also CANDY-FREE gifts!

The first tip I have for you with this project is printing.  Laser ink DOES NOT WORK well with ModPodge.  It runs.  I printed these on my home HP Ink Jet printer, using my printer's "BEST" Quality print setting... and used this Photo Paper from the Dollar Store.  If you can't find this paper - I'm sure any photo paper would do... avoid regular copy paper, and if you only have access to white card stock, make sure it's a good quality.  At the Dollar Store, this pack comes with 8 sheets for $1.

Next, gather your supplies.  In the printable set, the square image comes as a 4x4 and 5x5.  The 4x4 works perfectly on a white 4x4 shower tile (which you can find at any home store for $0.25 or less), I got mine for $0.17 at Lowes.  The block was a leftover block I had from another project (which is why it was painted black already)... but I originally got it from Lowes.  I bought a 2x6 and had them cut it for me in 6" sections.  If you go during a NON-BUSY time and put on your sweet smile, they'll do this for you for no charge. Your 6x6 pieces will be pretty rough though, so having a mouse sander to soften the edges worked well for me. (You could put your hubby or Boy Scout on that duty)!

For the best color coverage, I painted, sanded and painted again.  Let dry completely.

Then, apply a nice layer of ModPodge, but DON'T goop it on!!  That will saturate your paper and cause the paper to bubble and warp.  Just a nice, complete layer is enough.  You would do the same if you were making a tile.

Next... put your image on, apply pressure and smooth it out. The trick here is to LET IT DRY COMPLETELY... at least 20-30 minutes before applying the top coat of ModPodge.  Applying the top coat too quickly will saturate the paper too much and cause the paper to ripple.  

After it has had time to dry, apply another layer of ModPodge as a top coat. Try to keep your strokes to a minimum and make sure you get the edges well - this minimizes ink running and ensures your edges will all adhere.  After that layer is dry, you might opt for a top coat spray like shown in my supply pic above.

To finish it off, I wrapped the ribbon around the entire block and tied in a bow. Isn't is SO CUTE!!!  How awesome to have this sitting on the night stands of all of your Primary kids all year long!!  

Of course... you may not have the time or budget to do blocks (they will cost a bit more and take more time than tiles).  Here's a few tips on doing tiles...

You'll follow the same basic instructions as the block (minus the paint, of course)!  Then, you'll need to provide a way for it to be displayed... either an inexpensive easel or glue picture hanger teeth to the back - or, I chose to glue ribbon.  To make sure the ribbon stays, I used a nice glob of industrial strength E6000 - the toughest glue I know, (but stinky and not kid-safe, so please follow package directions)!

I also wanted to show you some fun ways to package the tile... I love the cello bag package!! Notice I slipped in coordinating Lip Balm and a Bottle Cap Zipper Pull to make it a complete gift!  In the last picture - I got 4x6 clear envelops from the craft store and the tile fit perfectly!  I then used the "Happy Birthday" tag from my coordinating Candy Bar Printable and stapled it on with a twine bow!  

I hope that helps - these are such easy and inexpensive projects... and a wonderful way to help the kids remember the theme all year long!  You can get this printable {HERE} and please check out my entire collection of printables and freebies for 2016 Primary {HERE}!

PS... You might not be in Primary, but might want to just make them for your family!

Happy Crafting!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

NEW 2016 PRIMARY Printables + Freebies & a Coupon!

Oh my goodness... a labor of love is finally complete!!  PLEASE, PLEASE take a moment an PIN this post before devouring it... ♥

I'm super excited to introduce THE BIGGEST Collection of Primary Printables I've ever done!  It was such a fun set to design and I've been anxiously DYING to finally post it!!  Let me run you through what I have... and direct you to what's in my shop and which ones are freebies!  

PS... USE the coupon PRIMARY30 to save 30% now through Saturday, 11/21! 

Printables like these make great birthday gifts, fun ways to introduce the theme, favors throughout the year or a sweet sentiment to drop by a less active child.  These three are in my shop:

Bottle Caps, of course, are a huge favorite of mine!  They are EASY to make, the kids love them and they are SUPER CHEAP!!  I recommend buying your supplies at Fizzy Pops (use CANVAS10 to save 10%).  They are a wholesale craft shop and in my opinion, no one beats their prices or quality.

Making the Square Art into a tile is super easy... (I posted a step-by-step tutorial HERE) - but here's a little preview to give you a quick idea about how easy these are.  They cost less than $0.50 to make and would make inexpensive New Year gifts to introduce the theme - or as birthday gifts throughout the year!

Next up is my NEW FAVORITE Printable!!  It's a regular sized Chocolate Bar Wrapper, decorated with wording from the theme... then it comes with SIX 2" round tags!  Simply wrap your bar, then pick and punch which tag you want to use and adhere it to the wrapper with a double-stick foam square.  This "lifts" it off the wrapper, giving it dimension and setting it apart from just any wrapper!  I tried to think of several instances where you'd need a gift throughout the year and I think I covered them all!

"Happy Birthday!" - for teachers and kids
"Thanks for Helping Today!" - to thank last minute subs
"We  Sure Missed You!" - for kids you don't see often
"We Love Serving with You!" - great teacher appreciation treat
"You Did Great!" - for after the Primary Program
Theme Tag - for introducing or reinforcing the theme

This printable is in my shop as well... {HERE}

Also... after getting so many requests over the years - I decided to also include a set of Monthly Sharing Time Posters too!  This one is in my shop {HERE}.

Most of you are familiar with my LDS Planner Series in my shop... here are the Primary Ones!  They are packed full of planning pages, calendars, to do lists, notes, etc.  Pretty much the ideal spot to manage all things Primary!

Now... let's get to the freebies!!!

These 5 printables (shown above) are all FREEBIES!!  And - they coordinate with all of my other printables in the collection!  (A quick word about the color... the graphic is a deep/bright teal, but as you can see from my photos in this post, my printer printed them closer to a bright blue shade - everyone's printer will vary a bit... just wanted to point that out).  

The freebies include: Lesson Binder Cover w/Spine, Door Sign (with space for listing kids), Door Sign (without space for listing kids), Presidency Binder Cover w/Spine and a sheet of Sharing Time Assignment Cards!  You can also add text to these using before printing!!  I'll be posting a step-by-step tutorial on how to use PDF Escape on Friday.  But... if you are even remotely computer literate - it's easy enough to figure out in about 5 minutes. :)

(At the top of the page, click on "Fan Freebies" to enter the freebie library.)

Also - DON'T FORGET to use the 30% off coupon to grab printables from my shop!  Just enter PRIMARY30 at checkout to save - it's good on EVERYTHING in my shop and is valid through Saturday 11/21)!

Happy Printing (and please PIN)!! :)

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Monday, November 16, 2015

TUTORIAL: Turkey Feather Napkin Rings + GIVEAWAY!

I released my Thanksgiving Bottle Cap Images a couple of weeks ago and am still having fun with them!  Of course, I made up my favorite bottle cap items first - zipper pulls, necklaces and key chains... everyone loves those! But... I also added a FREE checker board printable to this set as well (download HERE).  All you have to do is print/laminate your board, pick your pawns, make two sets of twelve and off you go!  All of these are also perfect "day of" Thanksgiving activities to keep the kids entertained while the moms chat and the dads watch football!

I always love seeing how other creative minds use my images, so I sent my collection to Erika at Fizzy Pops and she came up with a Felt Turkey Feather Napkin Ring + is sponsoring a giveaway with A Busy Little Bird (details at the bottom)! 

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Flat Bottle Caps & Epoxy Stickers (from Fizzy Pops, of course), Fall Felt Collection (from A Busy Little Bird), 1" Round Punch and E6000 Glue (from any craft store) and these DARLING images from Yours Truly. ;)

First up... you need to get your bottle caps ready.  Using your punch, punch out the design and attach it (image side up) to the epoxy sticker.  Using your finger or a credit card - press on the back to smooth out any bubbles.  Next, use a pea-sized dab of E6000 glue to attach.  EASY PEASY!

Next... get your felt cut and glued together. Start by cutting the felt you'll be using for your feathers into small strips (approx 1/2" wide x 2.5" tall), then free-hand trim into feather shapes. Next, grab a strip of dark brown felt and trim a piece for your "ring" (approx 3/4" wide by 5.5" long).  In the center of the ring strip... apply glue, then stack your feathers in a fanning shape like shown.  Then, glue the bottle cap to the felt and complete the ring by gluing the ends together.  Let sit for a few hours to dry.     

CUTE, huh!!!

Ready for a giveaway so you can make your own?!  Winner receives the following:

✔  $10 Etsy Shop Credit (from me) 

Enter Below:
Good luck, friends!  
Winner announced at 10 AM EST Wednesday!

UPDATE:  Congrats to Wendy L of Hurricane UT - her "Follow me on IG" entry was the winner!

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

2016 YW Printables + SALE & GIVEAWAY!!

Wow... now that's a collection!! 

I've put the finishing touches on my YW Printables for 2016 and wanted to post about them all at once.  Of course, the Presidency Planner and Bottle Caps have been around since early Fall - but I wanted to introduce you to what's new!  As expected, there are both KISS and NUGGET sets adorned with the "Press Forward" theme... and of course a Subway!  Like last year, I am bundling the Subway, Lip Balm and Bookmarks together as one!  New to the collection are "Come, Follow Me" Monthly Themed Posters AND an awesome new Candy Bar Wrapper collection!  It comes with 1 wrapper, but with SIX round tags to use interchangeably... a bigger picture is below:

Using a double-stick foam square - attach the circle tag you need so that it "lifts" off the bar.  You can trim the tags with scissors - or they are perfectly sized for your 2" round punch.  I love the tag... it adds a fun element of dimension and design and makes it NOT your average wrapper!  Use it as a birthday gift, one to encourage, congratulate, great for "drop by" visits - or use the theme tag and it's a perfect favor for New Beginnings! 

 YW Leaders are always looking for gift ideas, favors and handouts to reinforce the theme.  As you give them little gifts like these throughout the year... they can visually incorporate the theme into their daily lives.  Plus... they are dang cute - and who doesn't love that?!!

One last new printable not shown above is my updated 2016 Value Nugget Set!  I love thinking of ways each year to apply the new theme to Personal Progress and this is what I came up with! "Press Forward with Personal Progress"!  The nugget wrappers have been updated from last year's version to brighter and bolder colors and patterns.  I'm loving the tag - and LOVE how the new theme applies to everything we do - even Personal Progress!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED:  Visit my shop {HERE} to checkout all of my 2016 YW Printables or grab  THIS COLLECTION that has them all!  Check the listings for current coupons, too!

Enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to my WINNERS... Jenny M. and Wendy M.!!  They'll both receive all of the files in this post + Jenny will be getting a $5 refund from previously purchasing the planner and Wendy gets a $10.50 refund from purchasing the Kisses, Nuggets and LipBalm/Bookmarks!  Nice!!

Oh... and one more thing!  A coordinating freebie for everyone!

Download the FREE CUPCAKE TOPPERS printable {HERE}!

Good luck, friends!  Winner (or winners) will be announced on Monday morning!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

NEW Luke 2 Christmas Tree Subway Art!

Oh... love me some a new Christmas Subway!!

One of my favorite holidays and seasons to design for is Christmas - and NOTHING is more beautiful (at least to me) to design than a Christ-Centered / Nativity Art to bring the true meaning of the season into your home.  I think this collection should have something for everyone... I did 3 background colors + 5 sizes.  For me - I'll be hanging/framing the 16x20 Red... and will probably be giving White 5x7's to neighbors and friends. One thing I love about New Testament Scriptures (this one is Luke 2:10-11)... is it crosses religious lines.  Doesn't matter what denomination you are... if you are Christian... this is a timeless passage that warms the heart at Christmastime.  

I love it... and I hope you do too!!

The complete collection is available in my shop starting today!  Don't forget about my sale this week, too... use NOV50 TODAY (11/5) to save 50% or NOV40 tomorrow (11/6) to save 40%!

Have a wonderful day!

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