Tuesday, October 21, 2014

TIPS for Printing Your Planners

Now that literally hundreds and hundreds of you have LDS Planners... wow - seriously boggles my mind :) - I'm getting lots (as in oodles and oodles) of emails regarding the planners, printing, the tabs, how to apply them, where to get sticker paper, which punch I use, etc... So - I thought I post might be helpful in case you were also looking for a few tips:

PRINTING AT HOME: I print the inside pages on regular white copy paper, double sided.  The heavier/nicer the paper, the better print quality you are going to get - but any printer paper is fine.  For the covers I use glossy/photo quality card stock (I buy mine at the Dollar Store, it's usually the Kodak Brand), then laminate for durability before binding.

PRINT AT A COPY STORE: Don't want to print at home?  Simply save your files to a memory stick and take to any local printer like Office Max. Have them print the inside pages on regular paper, then choose the type of paper you want for the covers. Laminating and binding can also be done while you are there... easy-peasy! :)

BORDERLESS COVERS: Printing borderless covers is a fun function most home/inkjet printers have.  Each printer is different... so look through your Print Settings or Advanced Setting options when the print box pops open after you hit "print".  If you don't have or can't find borderless options on your printer - it'll print the cover with a small white border around it.  OR, you can also consult with your local copy shop for their borderless options.

PRINTING the TABS: I use full-sheet Staples Brand white label paper to print my tabs so they can adhere easily like stickers. Other brands are available on Amazon. OR... if you'd prefer not to use sticker/label paper - simply print on regular white paper or card stock, laminate for durability, then fold and apply to the page edges with clear tape or secure a staple. 

PUNCH: I the use 1" Square Scallop Punch (available on Amazon or anywhere craft/scrapbooking supplies are sold; I've seen them at Michaels as well).  EK Tools Brand is my personal favorite, however Fiskars is good as well (and is what is shown in my photos). Although, no punch is actually needed, you can also just trim the tabs with scissors.

BINDING OPTIONS: I personally love having all of my planners spiral or wire bound. I do mine at home with a binding tool (the Zutter Bind-it-All)... but it can also be done at any office supply store. To give you an idea of cost, the binding service at Staples runs around $2-$3 per planner for the average size of my LDS Planners (which is about 100 pages or so).  OR... no binding is actually needed - you can also just 3-ring punch and store in any binder, with or without a cover.

I hope these tips are helpful... printing and putting you planner together is actually quite easy.  Don't let it overwhelm you and if printing at home makes you nervous... just take the files on a memory stick to your local printer and let them work their magic. :)  The printing and time investment are well worth the organization you'll have at your fingertips all year round.

LDS PLANNERS: RS | YW | Primary | Activity Days | Primary Chorister

Have a great night!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

{NEW} Primary Chorister Planner + Planner Sale!

Wow!!  With today's addition of my new 2015 Chorister Planner, I've got quite a fun collection of LDS Planners now!  YAY!!  All are on sale this week for just $4 (regularly $6.50)... so now's the time to snatch them up for a great price + be super organized and ready to roll into the new year!  These will make great Christmas gifts for members of your Presidencies - or for a daughter, sister or friend that might be serving in any of these organizations.

RS | YW | Primary | Activity Days | Primary Chorister

Each LDS Planner comes with black/white interior pages, full-color covers and a set of coordinating 1" square tags that can be used as tab dividers.  More detailed instructions can be found at the links below... but basically, after you print and bind your planner, attaching the tabs is easy and helps make navigating the months and sections a cinch.  

(You can also just print the pages and store in a regular 3-ring binder.)

Each planner has it's own specialty pages and monthly/weekly planning sections that help with all aspects of these callings, (the image above is from the new Primary Chorister Planner).  Plus... they are SUPER cute, easy to use and will help you stay on top of every detail!  To get a closer look at each planner... visit the links below:

Happy Planning!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

{NEW!!!| Thanksgiving Subway Art

When I hung my Halloween Subway a few weeks ago, I saw my Thanksgiving/November Subway Art underneath it and couldn't BELIEVE it had been almost 4 years since I had designed it!  It's a print that has lasted the test of time... but for me, it was time for something new!  It's kind of fun to see how my font collection has grown, how my sense of color has matured and just how my overall style has transitioned since I started designing.  Anyway - I had so much fun, that you'll probably start seeing new subway art every month until I re-vamp and update my Annual Collection.  

I can't wait!

To freshen up your collection, grab it in my shop quick.. it's on sale today through the weekend!  My new Gratitude Journal is also on sale through the weekend, so be sure to pick that one up as well!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

{NEW!} Gratitude Journal & Christmas Notebook Planner!

For the last several years I've wanted to create a Gratitude Journal - but just never found the extra time.  It always seemed like before I knew it, the holiday had passed and I vowed to try again the following year.  Well, I'm not going to miss it this year!  I woke up this morning with a bee in my bonnet to get it done today!  Then, I actually had so much fun designing it, I kept going and made a Christmas Notebook too!

The covers are both super-fun and the inside pages are super-simple!  For the journal, it's just a nice place to record your blessings, your thoughts on gratitude and maybe also a place to jot down your favorite quotes on gratitude.  Print one for yourself, then make up extras to give as gifts!

My original thought behind the Christmas Notebook was to create a simple place to keep track of shopping lists, gift ideas, etc.  I know I already have a full-fledged Holiday Planner - but for those that just need a notebook and not something particularly fancy - this half sized notebook is not only perfect for your purse, but will still help you stay on top of your holiday to do's!

Printing and assembly are super easy... both the Notebook and the Journal are formatted the same.  First, print front and back covers (pages 1 and 2) on heavy, white glossy card stock, trim and laminate for durability. OR... if your printer has borderless print options, print Page 3 borderless instead. Next, print page 4 on regular white copy paper as many times as needed (depending on how thick you'd like your notebook to be). Be sure to choose the double-sided option when printing multiple copies of the interior notebook page (or manually flip and print on the back), then cut in half. Next, assemble covers with interior pages and spiral bind at a copy store. 

 As always... these are both on sale for $3.50 for the next few days - a PERFECT time to grab them at a great price and get them printed ahead of time.  Don't forget, when you make yours... make some extras and have a few gifts done early!  Regular price of $5 each will return on Saturday 10/18.


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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fun & COLORFUL Ideas for Your Planner!

The SINGLE BEST habit you can form to help keep a busy life organized is to write things down in one place.  Find a planner you love and use it!  When my search came up empty - I designed my own and my level of "keeping it together" increased ten-fold over night as soon as I started using it.  Amazing how JUST WRITING THINGS DOWN... IN ONE PLACE will transform your life!  I now have an extensive collection of planners in my shop... you are welcome to take a peak {here} to see if one will help you stay organized! 

By design, I purposefully created the interior pages of all of my planners in black and white.  This keeps printing costs to a minimum + keeps the look clean and uncluttered.  Then, with some inspiration and ideas shared from customers - I've now adapted a planning style that adds a splash of color to my planner... which is super fun and keeps it inviting to use.  My motto is if it's cute, I'll use it.  The planner itself is already cute... but the stickers are just like icing to an already yummy cake!

After printing and binding my planner... I went to Michaels to look for inspiration.  I grabbed stickers, washi tape, fun labels, colored pens and some cute little post-it style flags.  Any office supply store or scrapbooking section of a craft store will have all kinds of things you can use with your planner!  Now, as I sit down for a monthly planning session... I just add stickers as I go!  It's simple and fun.  The stickers and tape not only add color, they bring attention to bigger events and important things you want to remember.

Another HUGE tip to staying organized is to set aside time each week to plan out the upcoming week.  One awesome thing I've noticed - is that as I decorate my page, my brain comes up with MORE things to write down!  And, the beauty of writing it all down means you NO LONGER have to REMEMBER it.  Trust me, it's a very freeing exercise and once you get in the habit of doing it, no matter how busy your week is - you will automatically de-stress just by having a written plan.  One of my favorite things are these post-it style flags... I use them for my design projects and blog post ideas.  That way, I'm still writing them down, but I can move them around during the week - or forward move them to another week if I need to.  I love that!!

I've got a full load this week... but I don't feel stressed.  It's all written down and I'm not wracking my brain trying to remember the thing I think I might be forgetting for this afternoon!   Don't get me wrong - I still have my "oops" moments, but at least this way - my forgetfulness stays to a minimum.

I also made a little folder/compartment for my stickers that is working super well.  I printed an extra copy of my back cover (so that it matched), trimmed it to the size I wanted, laminated it - then attached it to the inside of the back cover with clear packaging tape.  Now, my stickers are right there... easy to get to anytime I need to bring attention to something new I'm writing down.

Of course, the decorating technique works for any planner... but if you are interested in getting a planner like mine, I have two versions in my shop.  A full 2015 calendar year one or one Sept 2014 - August 2015.  The planners come with 4 cover/color options - or you can choose from a specialty selection of covers for a little bit more personality.

My Personal Planners are regularly priced at $12.50 ...
However this week, the Sept/Aug is on sale for $8.50 and the 2015 for $10. 

 Happy Sticker Shopping!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

General Conference Posters!

YAY!!  The posters are finally ready... sorry for the delay.  Distractions at home, namely naps and bears.  Yes, bears.  They are a complete nuisance at my house!  What can I say?  :)   Anyway, over the years as I've done these quote collections, I've gotten requests for poster sizes as well - so for easy display and a great reminder of some General Conference highlights... choose the size that works best for you or download them individually as 5x7's.


Other ideas for these quotes...

   Print/frame a 5x7 and deliver to your Visiting Teaching Sisters
  Print/frame appropriate 5x7 for a friend needing a lift or encouragement
  Display poster size in your home to keep conference messages fresh all year
  Download 5x7 images to your phone, use as wallpaper or rotating screen savers
  Use as handouts for lessons or activities
  Use as memory game with pictures of the speaker
Use for Family Home Evening activities or lessons
   Download individual 5x7 images to a digital frame and rotate
  Print individual sizes and store in a 5x7 Conference Album
  Great for RS, YW or Primary Bulletin Boards
Use to decorate tables or accent centerpieces at dinners and church activities

How do you use these prints? Leave a comment if you have more ideas or ways to use my Conference Quotes, I'd love to hear them!

Have a great day, friends... ♥

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

{NEW!!} YW Value KISS Sticker Printables

I've got a new KISS set to add to my collection this morning!  This time, it's for the Young Women Program... each sticker is a YW Value!  My favorite thing about this set is when you put together one of each value (8), they fit PERFECTLY into favor-sized organza bags... and that makes an easy, inexpensive handout or favor for any YW Activity or Event!  I also love using the clear cocktail cups - much less expensive than going for the mason jars if you are on a budget.  These might make a great birthday treat for the girls as well...


As always... I put this new set on sale for just $3.50 for the next couple of days + I also put all of my other YW Printables on sale as well, so grab a few while you shop!

YW Nuggets {Reg $5} | YW Subway {Reg $5} | YW Planner {Reg $6.50}

And... since I'm a KISS fanatic (and in case you are too)... I'm also putting ALL of my KISS printables on sale for $3.50 today and tomorrow ONLY!



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Monday, October 6, 2014

{NEW!} 2015 Flip or Clip Calendar

This is one of my all-time favorite and best selling printables and it's now ready for 2015!  To add to the fun, I created a CUTE cover so instead of just using it as a desk/clipboard calendar - you can spiral bind it at the top and it makes a cute FLIP calendar as well!

The pages are so bright and festive... it's the most fun feature of this calendar! It's only available in portrait style for now... but it does have US Holidays.  At my house, it's just a cute reference calendar that I keep in my kitchen to record birthdays and basic upcoming family events.

Traditionally, I've displayed mine on a $1 wood clipboard that I painted and added ribbon to.  This time, though, with the cute cover - I decided to bind it and will hang it from my kitchen bulletin board.  Either way, it's a fun printable to have in your home AND makes a cute gift when wrapped tied with a big ribbon with a matching pen.

THIS WEEK ONLY... the 2015 version is on sale for just $3.50 {HERE}!


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