Friday, February 24, 2017

St. Patty & Easter Seek It Games!

I like to keep it St. Patrick's Day fun for the kids, but EASY for me.  I recognize it's not a huge holiday - but I like that it breaks up the Winter Blues with a bright splash of green and a little bit of magic! I'm not overboard about it... I do simple things like tinting our milk green, making sure I have green necklaces for the kids and usually have a little green gift or green treat for them that morning.  This year, I'll do the milk and the necklaces AND have a new Seek It Game ready to play! I was excited to add this one to my collection - and if you are one of those who has been waiting for the next edition... Lisa has it ready for us!

And... because when you get into a print/punch and laminate mood - it's nice to have the next one ready to roll! I begged for the Easter Edition and Lisa delivered!!

Aren't Sisters awesome? Mine is!

Happy Printing!

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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Printable YW Value Nuggets - UPDATED!

I'm SUCH A SLACKER!! It's February and I'm FINALLY getting around to updating this tag!!  Actually - I was stumped on how to tie this year's Ask of God Theme to Personal Progress (in a cute punny kind of way)... so I was thrilled when a customer suggested I tie it to Owls instead and do "Whooooo Loves Personal Progress"! 

I love creative people.

Then end.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

More Alphabet Nuggets - St. Patrick's Day & Easter!

I CAN'T EVEN handle the cuteness!! I was shocked that some of you started requesting these BEFORE Valentine's Day - but you are right... these will be SO FUN for a wake-up St. Patty's Day treat and SO CUTE to put in our kids' (and grandkids') Easter Baskets!  Don't forget - spelling out words is fun too... have someone to thank? Spell THANKS! Be creative - spell things like PINCH or EGGS... sky is the limit!

If you are new to this collection... so am I! I designed my first set for Christmas and the response was so fun, I've been adding more sets ever since! I imagine this will do for a while - as far as holidays go - so next be watching for baby ones, wedding ones and a whole collection of ones you can personalize!

Happy Printing!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February GIVEAWAY!

Good morning, friends!! 

I know you guys LOVE a fun giveaway, so I thought I'd do one to review all the cool stuff I've released this month!  There will be 2 Winners who get a printable of their choice + a $10 Gift Card to my new store AND a "REFUND Winner" who will get a refund from a purchase in February!  

And - to help you snag the Bonus Receipt Entry and have a chance at the refund... here's a flash coupon good for TODAY ONLY!!  (Pssst... also good on Personalized and Discount Bundles, too)!


Winners will be announced on Thursday!

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

UPDATE: Congrats to my winners!! Jamie and Shauna get the free file + a $10 Gift Card and Stephanie wins a refund from her purchase this week! Thanks everyone for participating!!

Have a great week!

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Monday, February 20, 2017

NEW FHE Format for Teens! {free printable}

BYOD!  "Bring Your Own Device" to FHE!!

Our family has long since out grown those cute FHE folder lessons (and quite honestly, most of the FHE Manual chapters) - so I prayed for a NEW way to reach my teens with FHE's that would get our family studying and talking - not just listening (and/or rolling their eyes) to a prepared lesson. I am thrilled with the direction the Lord took me and I AM SO EXCITED to share it with you as a free printable!  

It's quick, it's interactive, everyone participates, it's effective AND a lot less work for Moms!

HOW IT WORKS: The concept is basically a combination of our favorite devices, Gospel Topics and the core Church materials we have - I call these the "Search & Study" Resources. Print and trim the strips - then on the back, write topics you would like your family to study during upcoming FHE's (or... let everyone contribute topics to the jar). You can come up your own or use ideas from church resources like chapters from the Preach My Gospel Manual. Store your strips in a jar or tin (curl them if you want with a pencil). During FHE, each family member draws a "Search & Study" Option (or church resource) and someone in the family draws a Topic. Next, SET A TIMER for whatever works for you that night (5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes - or maybe you only have time for a 3 minute speed round) - then each family member speed-studies the topic with the resource they drew. When time is up, everyone shares something they found that they liked or something they learned. 

My ultimate goal when designing this format was to help fortify my teens testimonies, to better prepare them for missions, to give them regular practice "Searching & Studying" - all the while creating a casual family atmosphere for diving into meaningful Gospel Discussion. 

Making the "Search & Study" Resource sticks for my jar was easy.  Since I designed them as 1" round images - I just printed the 4x6, punched the images with a 1" punch and used my epoxy/dome stickers and bottle caps from Fizzy Pops to finish them.  I glued them to popsicle sticks making them perfect for my jar! 

* My "flattened" bottle caps are from Fizzy Pops! These guys are my favorite affiliate!!

Or... you can also ModPodge them to 1" glass domes that you can get at the dollar store. They aren't as bright and crisp as the bottle caps - but if you prefer, it's a good option and they'd look darling in a little glass dish!  You could also mount to 1" wood discs or just laminate - anything that makes them more durable since you'll be using them every week.

WHY I LOVE THIS FORMAT... Along with accomplishing a lesson, this format gives family members time to search, study and discuss the gospel together. I love that it evokes quality family discussion on Gospel Topics (without forcing a lesson) - somewhat mirroring the inspired format used with the youth in "Come, Follow Me." The timer aspect (which my kids love) helps the family incorporate FHE, even during a busy week!  It also sets expectations for busy teens and gives the family flexibility of how much time to spend on the "Search and Study" aspect (which can vary week to week). Best of all, it can casually be done at the dinner table on a Sunday Evening or be done in whatever formal Family Home Evening setting works for you. Family members can access their resource on any device, which they will love! It becomes an interactive lesson where it's not just the preparer contributing, everyone participates and contributes. I have felt this is also less work for me - but the result is WAY BETTER than a traditional lesson... you've GOT to try it!!

I also love that it promotes independent study (within a family setting) + is a fun way to get your teens digging into (and learning from) the awesome church resources we have.  It's a training ground for them to find tidbits and gospel gems they can contribute to the discussion; which doubles as a training ground for teaching them how to prepare talks, lessons, etc!  If you have teens and little ones - your little ones can draw a picture of the topic or browse Scripture Story Books or The Friend while everyone else studies their resource. Overall, I would say this format is ideal for age 12 and up - but could be implemented with any kids that can read.  Training them to use the index and look up topics to find a gem to share would be an excellent skill to teach them, even as an 8 year old! 

THIS HAS BEEN A GAME CHANGER FOR OUR FAMILY... and I hope it can be for yours too!

PLEASE PIN then download PDF HERE & 4x6 HERE!

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Young Women Seek It Game!

You begged, Lisa delivered! We love your feedback and ideas, keep them coming!

This set, designed for LDS Young Women - will be PERFECT for new Beehives, GREAT for Camp, would make a fun birthday gift for any Young Women, a great Activity Day Graduation Gift when they turn 12... or just a fun game on any old Activity Night. She combined over 50 images that depict the life of a Young Woman; all coordinating in Value Colors of course!

If you are new to Lisa's Seek It Games, they are simple to make and fun to play.  Each card has one (and only one) match... each player just needs to find their match to the center card first! It's a fast game and fun to play multiple rounds... works with 2 or more players, there are 55 cards. 

An instruction card is included.

I get lots of questions about printing, print settings, etc - so I thought I'd do a couple of screen shots to show you where your settings should be so your Seek It Cards turn out perfect!  First - make sure you have the "FIT" box checked... if it's on "Actual Size" - your circles will be slightly larger than 3" rounds (which means when you punch them, you'll cut off the cute edge of Value Color dots)!  This is the setting you should get in the habit of using when printing any of my printables.

Next... select "PROPERTIES" (pink arrow) and another box will pop open.  ALWAYS select your paper type, your print quality changes based on what YOU tell it you are printing on.  I ALWAYS recommend printing on GLOSSY surface paper - so that your ink sits on top and doesn't soak into the paper. Photo paper for this project might be a bit too thick - so my paper of choice is Glossy Brochure Paper.  It's thicker than paper, but thinner than card stock AND both sides are glossy, so the cute back side will be as vibrant as the front.  I'll link you to the kind I buy below.

Once it's printed, you COULD painstakingly cut with scissors, but these are 3" round cards, perfect for punching with a 3" round craft punch!  I laminate my cards (for durability) after punching, then trim with scissors.  My punch won't punch through lamination (I prefer 5ml pouches) - nor do I want to dull it by trying.  It takes me about 30 minutes to trim them all - so I have my girls help me while we watch something funny on TV. 

My FAVORITE way store the games are in these cute round tins with window lids - they fit the card and the stack perfectly!! I also love the tins because they protect my cards (that I spent so much time punching and trimming)!  Or, for a less expensive option, 4x6 organza bags work great and are just as cute.

Below are affiliate links to products/tools that I use when making my games...

4 oz Round Tin (silver w/ window lid):
4x6 Organza Bags:
3" Round Craft Punch:
Glossy Brochure Paper:


Happy Printing!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

PRINTABLE Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers!

Printable Candy Bar Wrappers - finally done!! This set has been highly requested since I started doing candy bar wrappers last year and I'm excited for how bright and fun they turned out! Whether you have a birthday coming up or not - these are definitely ones to have in your archive. I decided to coordinate and follow the same color patterns as my Birthday Alphabet Nugget Wrappers and do both a bright and a rainbow set!

Like I've done in the past with other sets... The printable includes a wrapper for a regular sized chocolate bar (1.55 oz) with 2" round tags AND a larger wrapper for the large bar (4.44 oz) with 3" round tags.  I also like to attach the round tag to the wrapper using double stick foam squares so it "lifts" it off the bar for some very cute dimension! Of course, I use Hershey Bars - but they would fit many bars of similar sizes, even if you need to trim a bit off the sides for a perfect fit.  The large wrapper wraps perfectly for Microwave Popcorn packets, too. The round tags also work great as gift tags, cupcake toppers and more... get creative!

After new releases like this, I always get bombarded with print questions - so if you are new to printing printables or just want yours to look more like mine - here are my three secrets: 

(PS... these links are to Amazon, #ad)

1 - Use a "Photo Quality" Inkjet Printer (I have this HP Envy 7640)
2 - Use high quality paper (I use this HP Glossy Brochure Paper)
3 - Set your printer to it's BEST Quality Print Setting AND select your paper type

Office Jets and Lasers just DON'T print the color quality that photo smart printers do - and don't be fooled, photo smart printers are typically much less in price than Office Jets and Lasers too!  My Envy cost me less than $100 and I've had it for over a year - so I'm very happy with the quality and long-gevity so far (as I tend to burn through printer's like you can't imagine)!  I also finally figured out that using poor quality paper WASTES all of that expensive ink!! In regular papers and card stocks, the ink SOAKS into the paper giving you a dull color output. But, when you use something with a glossy finish, like photo or brochure paper - the ink is so much brighter... because it's on top, it didn't soak in!  Ink is expensive, so why WASTE it by letting it soak into your paper? Repeat after me -  print on GLOSSY FINISH paper, must print on glossy finish paper!  I buy my photo paper at the Dollar Store and my Glossy Brochure Paper on Amazon (link above).

A note on ink... I am also enrolled in HP Instant Ink. It's an "auto" ship ink program and you sign up for plans based on how many pages per month you print.  Plans start at $2.99 for 50 pages and go up to $9.99 for 300 pages.  I have the $9.99 plan - and RARELY (even with as much printing as I do), reach my 300 page limit (your un-printed pages rollover).  My printer talks to HP and tells them when I'll be ready for ink and without fail, BEFORE I run out, a new box shows up in my mailbox.  No more $100 trips to Target or Sam's for ink for me - I pay $9.99 per month and it doesn't matter if I'm printing black/white pages OR full color on BEST QUALITY - a page is a page. I never run out of ink and I never pay more than $9.99.  My husband has FINALLY calmed down over my obsessive ink usage - and that's (honestly) the best part!

If you sign up - you and I both get a free month!

Happy Printing!

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Relief Society Lesson Printables + Handout {GBH #4}

Relief Society Lesson Printables for Gordon B. Hinckley Lesson #4 are ready!!

LOVE the colors, LOVE the message!! Lisa pulled out all of her creative genius on this one - the handout is amazing! As always with her series, she's including Word Strips to aid in some key discussion points, Section Headings, a Quote (8x10 & 4x6), Scripture/Quote Reference Nugget Wrappers and a DARLING handout idea with a tag.

You might want this one even if you aren't teaching - any of these lesson handouts (tag or quote) would make a great drop by treat for an ill sister who couldn't attend, a VT Sister who isn't in Relief Society - or in general is a great quote/handout for any lesson on the Pioneers!


PS... Our kits DO NOT include a Lesson Plan. We don't want to interfere with the spirit of planning your lesson... so you focus on that and we'll provide great visual aids, quotes and handouts to help you polish your delivery!

Happy Teaching!

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