Friday, December 2, 2016

{FREEBIE} VT Quote for December!

What fun it's been for me to anticipate the Visiting Teaching Message each month and pick a quote to design to give you a simplified sentiment to pass along to the ladies you visit. If you count... there are only 10 - remember that the General Conference Editions of the Ensign (May & November) have conference talks and no official VT Message. You can pick from my Conference Collections those months. 

So... it's finally December and I'm posting the last print for the 2016 Collection! It's so fun to see them all grouped together like that. I love them all, but this month's might be my most favorite...

... but then again... JOY is one of my favorite words!

The message this month from the Ensign is a beautiful wrap-up of this year's lessons.  I didn't pick a direct quote from the article like I usually do... this time, it was the TITLE of the article that jumped out at me + JOY is so applicable to this time of year and, oh how much I love a red background!

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I hope you've enjoyed this series as much as I have... please leave a comment if you'd like me to continue in 2017!

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

2017 Primary Printables - FREEBIES!

YAY!! It's finally done, my FREEBIE PRINTABLE KIT for Primary 2017!  This kit includes Presidency Binder Covers (all members) + 1" matching spines, Lesson Binder Covers for the 4 manuals being used for 2017 + 1" spines, Sharing Time Assignment Cards (both small and large) and your choice of TWO door signs (one for listing class members, the other for just class/teacher).  

To add custom text to these printables before printing, I suggest using a free online PDF Editor like Form Swift or PDF Escape - or search online for one you like, there are hundreds! You simple add text by inserting text boxes (fonts vary depending on the website).

If you would, please PIN before you download... 

If you are looking for a Presidency Planner, birthday gift ideas and handouts for reinforcing the theme throughout the year... check out all the Primary Printables in my Etsy Shop shown below!

Such fun... and by the way, my planner collection includes Planners for Presidencies, Choristers and Activity Day Leaders as well - a great way to keep everyone in your auxiliary organized!

Have a great day, thanks for PINNING!!

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Friday, November 25, 2016

#LIGHTtheWORLD with "Our Gift to the Savior" Printables!

I absolutely LOVE the Christmas Initiative #LIGHTtheWORLD and am SO lucky I get to be among nine selected bloggers to create a printable kit to help individuals and families participate!!  This inspired way to celebrate Christmas encourages each of us, of any faith, to look for ways to serve others, just like Christ did, throughout the month of December... starting off with a Worldwide Day of Service on December 1st!

It'll involve everyone in the family, bright strips of cute curled paper and a jar full of service for under the tree. My thought is... let's wrap up all that service and give it to the Savior for Christmas!! 

I made a little video to tell you all about it! 

Plus... if you know me at all, you know I ALWAYS make the campaign "hashtag" into a mini nugget freebie too!  They make a great treat for encouraging, inviting and reminding your friends and family to participate!

  In the past, I've also made a bunch up and given them to my local missionaries to hand out as they meet people throughout the month of December to invite them to join in!

Other bloggers posting about my kit...

Visit The Red Headed Hostess for MORE great printables, kits and ideas for incorporating #LIGHTtheWORLD into your Christmas Season!!

Merry Christmas, dear friends!


Thursday, November 24, 2016

{NEW} Alphabet Letter Nuggets - Christmas Edition!!

Oh. My. Word.

NEW for Black Friday... Christmas Themed LETTER Nuggets for spelling names and your favorite Christmas words!! Think grandkids, kids, party guests' names, care packages, gift baskets, neighbors, your kids' friends, a teacher's name... Need I say more?

Ok, yes, I'll say more... how about JOY, MERRY, SANTA or THANKS?!!

Definitely my most versatile nugget set ever... 

It comes as a 7 page PDF with a nice selection of letter multiples - so you should be able to get several names out of just one print.  Page 5 is a sheet of "accent" wrappers that can be used with names or in a strip by themselves!  The trays can be trimmed down to size depending on how long the name or word is - or you can save ink by simply making your own trays out of red or green card stock.

If you are new to my nugget wrappers - you can get the tall cello bags (Pretzel Stick Size, 2.25x9.75") at any craft store that sells cake decorating supplies OR if you prefer Amazon Prime like me... here's a link as well

Below is your Black Friday Reminder!!

Happy Shopping!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Ok, ladies!!  Here are the coupons you've been waiting for!! I know Thanksgiving Weekend is a busy weekend of family, activities and shopping - so I like to release my schedule and coupons early so you can plan ahead.  What I recommend is shopping NOW, put items in your cart - then all you have to do is come back and checkout on the day you want with the coupon you like best.  New this time is I've already activated ANYDAY60 - which is good NOW through 11/29 for 60% off any order $60+!

If you are ready to fill your cart... CLICK HERE!

Above is just a teeny-tiny sampling of what I have! With over 300 printables currently in my shop, there's going to be LOTS of options to help you get a great start on your Christmas Gift List!  Below is a series of links in various categories that might make it easier to find what you need. 

Now... onto the Giveaway!!  

I'll be giving away THREE 75% off coupons that can be used during the sale (11/25-29).  
To enter, use the Rafflecopter Widget below.

Winners to be announced Wednesday Evening!! 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Carol Pictionary REFRESH!

One of my MOST POPULAR printables of all time just got a face-lift!!  Same great game, new design, updated fonts + now includes a darling star pattern you can print on the back!  Although the name suggests you play Pictionary with these cards - you can also change it up and play Charades or even Catch Phrase!  Any way you play, your guests and family humming, singing and laughing to come up with their answers! 

★ Perfect for Family Christmas Parties!
★ Works for Office and Class Parties as well
★ Make a set and give as a gift or stocking stuffer
★ Include in a care package!

To make your cards, I recommend using glossy brochure paper (HERE) and setting your printer to it's BEST quality print setting. The back is optional - but adds a nice touch to a completed stack of cards.  Simply print all the fronts, then reinsert the papers and print the back sheet.  Next, trim and laminate for durability. Easy peasy!

Merry Christmas!

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Monday, November 14, 2016

{NEW} Seek It Games for the Holidays!

I'm so excited my sister has joined my Design Team - she is REALLY cranking out some fun stuff!!  She plays lots of games with her kids, so this collection has been a natural start for her! Similar to the "Spot It" Style game, these are ULTRA-CUTE, easy to make and she'll be making one for every holiday!  So far, she has created Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a Nativity ones!

Playing is fun and is for all ages, even little ones! My teens have as much fun as her 4 year old... it's truly a family game, but is also perfect for classroom settings and any other time you need to whip out something fun for everyone.  The basic premise of the game is to find your match quicker than your opponents... each card has ONE MATCH with all other cards, so the quicker you find your match with the center pile, the faster you'll be declared the winner!  See the image above to see how the matches are made... 

Making up a set is super easy as well.  Simply print, punch, laminate and trim! You can also store your games in a variety of ways.  A super cheap way is with 4x6 Organza Gift Bags... or if you are okay with spending a bit more, you can buy round tins that fit the cards perfectly!  I'll put some links at the end of the post to show you the items I've bought on Amazon (in case you are a Prime Junkie like me)!

Such a fun collection... all available {HERE}!

Have fun making these AND playing them afterwards!!

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PS... The links shared below are Affiliate Links, meaning if you decide to purchase something that I link up, Amazon will toss me back a few pennies as a thank you for sending traffic and customers (at no additional cost to you). Rest assured, anything I link up in this or other posts, I've bought and used myself and found the product to be worthy of my needs - or is equivalent to something I've purchased in the past. This will hopefully also help with the hundreds of emails I get each month asking where I find the unique products I use to help assemble and complete my printables.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Hi, friends!! It's time to get your holiday brain on and TODAY is a great day to get some gifts crossed of your list EARLY!!  My third Annual "Pre-Holiday Sale" begins today, there's AWESOME coupons and TONS to choose from!!  In addition to the coupons shown above, as a special thank you for shopping during the sale, you'll find a link on the receipt emailed to you by Etsy to download my "So Very THANKFUL" Nuggets (freebie with purchase) as well!  

As a reminder of what's new... below are some pics and links to get you excited... don't get too distracted though, the 60% off coupon expires tonight @ midnight MST!

You've got your work cut out for you... so get busy and use those coupons!! 

★ Thursday (11/3) NOV60 = 60% off
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or... ANYDAY60 = 60% off any day during the sale on orders $60+

Then... when you are done - come back here to enter a Refund Giveaway!  Enter below - winner announced on Monday!

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