Thursday, September 15, 2016

{GIVEAWAY} 2017 Activity Days & Chorister Planners!

Hello, friends! I'm humming along, cranking out 2017 LDS Planners in my sleep these days!! Ha!! Just kidding... in reality, maybe if I STOP sleeping, I'll get the rest of them done - so many planners, so little time. ;) Anyway... I have been able to get the finishing touches complete on the new Chorister and Activity Days Planners and am excited to have them freshened up and ready for 2017!  Love me some planner pages, be still my beating heart. ♥

The Activity Days Planner is very similar to past years - but I gave it a nice font face lift and fine tuned some of the sections and pages for you!  As always, the Monthly Planning Section, complete with dated Calendars and Activity Planning Sheets is the foundation of the planner, BUT... there are TONS of other pages to help keep you organized: Attendance Chart, Rosters, Birthday Tracker, Group and Individual Progress Trackers, Annual Activity Outline + Notes, Budget Sheets and more!  If you are an Activity Day Leader (or know someone who is) - she ABSOLUTELY will LOVE the organization and clarity this planner will add to her calling.  It's set up as an easy to print PDF, then you either punch and put in a binder - or take to a copy shop to spiral bind your pages to make a traditional Planner-Style notebook.

Next up is the Primary Chorister Planner! Since I've only done this one for the last couple years, I've been collecting suggestions and had some AMAZING Chorister Consultants help me up the ante on this one!  I not only updated the awesome Monthly Planning Pages; I also added a Song Schedule, Song Suggestions (for Wiggle, Reverent, Fun, etc) and Activity Suggestions (like Hide & Go Sing, Name that Tune... a list full of games you can easily incorporate as you teach and review Primary Songs)!  I also added a section for managing each song arrangement for the Primary Program that I think you'll love!  If you know a Primary Chorister, definitely tell her to take a look - it will make her calling easier, more organized and hopefully more enjoyable!

NOW... anytime I finish a Planner... it's cause to celebrate!  They are huge undertakings and I always love it when I finish one! So, let's get the ball rolling with a giveaway!  This time there will be two winners - each winner will get to choose the 2017 Planner Printable of her choice + get a $10 credit to my shop!  So, even if you don't need these planners, enter anyway!!

Good luck... winner will be announced on Saturday!

9/17 Update: CONGRATS TO JILL MCGARY &  SHARA GIBSON!  Thanks to all who entered! If you'd like to snag these fun printables, please use YW2017 OR PRIMARY2017 at checkout to save 30%!


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Monday, September 12, 2016

{FREEBE} Mason Jar Love Bottle Cap!

LOVE me some Mason Jars!!!  

I made this cute little magnet as a handout for my RS Lesson this past Sunday.  I taught from the Howard W. Hunter Manual, Lesson 17 which is on Preserving and Protecting the Family.  I had been canning peaches all last week and realized how similar preserving and protecting our fruit is to protecting our families!! (IE... start with a clean jar, cut away the undesirables, water bath to purify, etc)...  I drew many analogies throughout the lesson - I wish I had time to type them all up!  So, whether you want to read the lesson and have it be a reminder to "Preserve" your family - or if you are just a lover of mason jars or of canning your own fruit... it's definitely a fun one to have on your  fridge! Might make a cute little drop by gift for Visiting Teaching Sisters, too. ♥

As always, I get my Bottle Cap Supplies from Fizzy Pops; I like the flattened ones best!

Have a great day!

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Thursday, September 8, 2016

{GIVEAWAY!} 2017 YW Printables - ROUND 1!

YAY!! My first round of 2017 YW Printables was released this week - and don't worry, there's LOTS more to come over the next month or so!  My goal is to get all the planners done first, then go back and start all the kisses/nuggets/bottlecaps/etc... be watching FB or IG so you don't miss them!  I also thought it would be fun to do a package giveaway to help me get them launched - so scroll through to the end of the post to enter...  

But first, a few close-ups!

This year's YW Presidency Planner is a FOURTH EDITION!! You guys continue to make it a top seller, so I love updating it for you every year!  This time I freshened up fonts, cleaned up the design AND added a few new areas for more notes and planning!  Two great new additions are a Birthday Tracker, a "mini" Camp Planner (for tracking camp schedule and assignments) AND Two different kinds of tabs - my classic squares (like past years) or the new tabs shown above... 

As always, the bones of the YW Planner are the Monthly Planning Sections.  I hope you like the clean new design and the addition of a section for Class Presidency Agendas/Meeting Notes + a spot for Ward Council, Stake Training or whatever miscellaneous notes you have! The Calendar and Weekly Activity Planner continue to be favorites - as is the two-page spread helping you with each area typically discussed in a Monthly Presidency Meeting.  For pics of the other planning sections and pages included (there are LOTS)... check out the listing HERE

Next up... STICKERS!!  What I love the very most about these - is they coordinate perfectly and are fun to use with my YW Planner OR they can help you turn ANY PLANNER into a YW Planner!!  Or, if you only use a regular monthly calendar - they work  great with calendars too!  As I've used my own planner stickers more and more this past year, I've found lots of new ways and ideas to use them - so I overhauled this kit to make it even more fun to use.  The printable version comes with instructions for cutting them on your Silhouette and a PDF if you want to cut by hand - OR, just grab them from my Sticker Shop and I'll mail them to you already done! I designed a cute little color strip on the left side, making it a perfect spot to punch and store your stickers in your YW Binder or to bind in the back of your planner. :)  You're welcome!

I introduced my YW Class Presidency Planner last year - and I've gotten such positive feedback that I decided to keep it going as part of my 2017 YW Collection.  It's a simpler planner, designed to help you train your Class Presidencies on how to run their meetings, what topics to discuss and to record assignments to increase accountability.  It comes with a smaller monthly calendar, meeting agenda, dedicated space for planning activies + areas for BYC Notes, Upcoming Events, Birthdays, Service Opportunities and more... There are lots of ways to print and make these for the girls - you can print/bind, you can print/punch and put in 3 ring binders OR the least expensive way is to print/punch and put in one of those 3-pronged folders. 

The last thing I added to this first round of design was a 2017 Mutual Theme Art using the theme scripture James 1:5-6!  I did two different styles, one with the owl and one more Subway Style without... I love how owls are such a cute symbol of wisdom - so I hope you like them, they'll be hanging around for a while and you'll be seeing them pop up on most of my printables for this collection!  As always, these prints come in a full range of sizes and would make great art for bulletin boards, centerpieces, handouts, birthday gifts, etc.

To celebrate the launch of this collection, I thought it would be fun to do a GIVEAWAY!!

 I'm planning on two winners... 

1) PRINTABLES: YW Planner, Class Planner, Stickers + Art
2) A set of YW Stickers, MAILED to you!!  

PS... If you've already made a 2017 YW purchase, don't worry!  If you win, I'll include a refund with your prize!!

Good luck!! Winners will be announced Saturday morning!

& JENNIFER - WINNER OF STICKERS!  Thanks to all who entered! If you'd like to snag these fun printables, please use YW2017 at checkout to save 30%!


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Thursday, September 1, 2016

{FREEBIE} VT Quote for September


I'm in a daze that it's already September 1st... thought I'd better get this month's quote up before I got 1000 emails!!  You early bird Visiting Teachers inspire me!! ;) Of course, by delivering this month's quote early, your sweet Sisters will get to display and enjoy it all month long.  As always, it comes in 4x6, 5x7 + 8x10's that are great for your RS Bulletin Boards!  If you are new to this series... just grab an inexpensive frame, print this month's quote (taken from the September Ensign Message) and deliver it to your sister - then each month, return with a new quote!  

Such a fun collection... ♥

Have a great day, friends!

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

{FREEBIE} VT Quote for August!

It's already time for another Visiting Teaching Quote (chosen from the August VT Message in the Ensign).  I am just loving the simplicity of these prints - nothing crazy or fancy, just simple truths that can be displayed for a sweet reminder.  If you haven't already, get your sisters a frame, then deliver a new print each month for them to swap out.  By the end of the year, they'll have an awesome collection of uplifting quotes! And - I'll continue to encourage you to deliver your prints early so they can enjoy them all month long. :)

Oh... and if you would... please PIN or SHARE on FB before you download, thanks!

PS... You might also like my LDS Planners, 2015 VT SUBWAY & other LDS Printables!
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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It's here, it's here... my ANNUAL (and epic) "Christmas in July" Sale is finally here!  And, boy - do I have a handful of super fun new printables to add to the mix!  Below is the schedule + the coupon codes you'll need to SAVE BIG!!

7/26 (tues) 60% off -> Use MERRY60
7/27 (wed) 50% off -> Use MERRY50
7/28-7/29 (thurs/fri) 40% off -> Use MERRY40

PLUS... as a special thank you for shopping during the sale, I have also set up this darling NOEL Nugget printable as a freebie with purchase!  Simply check the receipt emailed to you by Etsy to find the download link!

Happy shopping everyone!

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

{FREE PRINTABLE} Summer "Time Capsule" in a Jar!

 Start saving movie ticket stubs, sea shells, rocks from a hike and other fun mementos from your Summer Adventures - because I have a super fun way to save those memories in a jar!  Hop over to the blog "Or So She Says" to read my post and grab your free printable!  Be sure to leave a comment and tell her I sent you!

Summer Time Capsule... in a mason jar!

Happy Summer! 

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Monday, July 11, 2016

LDS Temple Subway Art Printable

I love to see the temple!!  I recently taught a lesson on Temples in Relief Society - so the temple had been on my mind for a few weeks as I prepared and eventually, this is what my mind's-eye began to see.  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and, quite possibly, this is my most favorite subway I've ever done...  I have other temple prints displayed in my home - but I love how the words and phrases represent it, such a great reminder!  Can't wait to get my 16x20 printed and hung!!

TODAY ONLY grab this collection of prints for 30% off using TEMPLE30 at checkout!

Have a great day, friends! 

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