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My main/public Facebook Page is the primary way I communicate with you guys, announce new printables, inform you of coupons and sales, is an easy way for me to share a quick tip and I absolutely love the connection it gives me to all of you! What I don't love is even though I have THOUSANDS of fans and followers... only a FRACTION of you actually see my posts regularly - even if you've LIKED my page! That means tons of you are MISSING new releases, MISSING SALES, MISSING tips, coupons, freebies and more!

So... I've been doing some studying to see how I can work around it and I've found the perfect way! Introducing... my new community of Facebook Groups! Closed Facebook Groups are just that - closed. They aren't available for public viewing or searches, it's a smaller private group of people - AND the BEST part... the notification options are so much better and you are FAR MORE likely to see my posts when you are in a group!

I'll break each group down below... 

Simply join the ones that represent the content from me you absolutely DON'T want to miss! 

In this group, I'll simply share posts from my main FB Page that are in the following categories: New Printables, Sales & Coupons. Simple as that! Aaaaannnnnddd... on occasion, I might post a coupon for this group only! {wink, wink!}

In this group, I'll simply share posts from my main FB Page that have to do with tips and freebies. I'll also post a note in this group anytime I send out my email newsletter so you know to check your inbox. Many times my emails will get routed to your junk or spam and you miss out on the monthly freebie and other great announcements. I'll remind you in this group to check!

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If you just want to make sure you don't miss any posts from the main page, this might be the right group for you! Once a week, probably on Friday afternoon or Saturday - I'll do ONE quick post with an update of what I posted about throughout the week. One post - all the updates!

One of the most HELPFUL things you can do for me is PIN my printables! A few times a week I'll post a link to a pin that needs a boost... you can pin it to any board, or just create a "My Computer is My Canvas" Board for my printables! This helps me grow and helps new fans and followers find me - and the more I grow, the better I am at keeping new releases and freebies coming! Sometimes I'll also just hop on and chat with you guys about ideas and fan stuff. 

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Happy Printing!

Don't miss new printables, freebies and discounts!

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