NEW Box of Birthday Wishes!

Oh my goodness... I'm SO EXCITED about this set!! It's been in the works and on my mind for months, so to see it come together gets me all giddy and anxious for the next friend of mine to have a birthday! Like my other "BOX" Kits - this one includes tons of Candy Gram Gift Tags (13) + coordinating nuggets, kisses, pen inserts and something NEW... tea light wrappers! 

To make them... I just got a package of cheap wax tea lights from the Dollar Store and dressed them up! For the toppers, punch with a 1.5" round punch then punch a small hole in the middle to feed the wick through. It will lay on top nicely once you set it in place. Trim the side wrappers and either use double sided tape or a glue stick to secure (or print that page on glossy sticker paper).  Just like my nuggets - I used a glue stick to secure the tea lights to the strip/tray so they don't slide around in the baggie (pretzel stick size) - then just tie it off with twine or ribbon and attach the "Make a Wish!" tag!

***Receiver should remove the tea light topper before lighting. This recommendation is printed on the strip/tray that you package the tea lights with and a little recommendation tag is included that can be printed, trimmed and included inside the tea light package. Please take care to include this when giving!

All round tags come in both 2 Inch and 2.5 Inch sizes (I like the bigger ones personally)! Most of the tag treats are obvious - but get creative! The "Just POPPING by..." tag could be paired with popcorn, their favorite soda, Pop Rocks, Popcorn w/Movie Tickets, or even a package of Ring Pops! For the cake one, take a mix or a cake already baked... etc. 

There's even a couple of tags in case you are a slacker and are LATE with your birthday wishes!

The flexibility with a kit this size is awesome too... give just one item - or put a few or all together to make a complete basket or care package! It's quick, easy, CREATIVE and you'll look like a gift-giving rock star!

* 7/17/18: Use BDAY5 to save $5 on the set - reserved for the first 50 customers only!

Happy Printing!

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