All About Our EDITABLE Sunday Lesson Kits

If you are new to our BLANK/EDITABLE Sunday Lesson Kits or if you teach ANY CLASS for ANY CHURCH for ANY AGE (or even home school and preschool)... these kits are for you!

We've designed a collection of cute coordinating BUT BLANK sets of visual aides, discussion points, word strips, quote frames and handout tags that you can edit and ADD YOUR OWN TEXT!

Use the full sheet frames for discussion points and questions - they help you transition from point to point in your lesson... then use the question and word strips to further discussion. Frames for quotes and handout tags are for highlighting your MOST important quotes and points. The nugget wrappers have many uses! Use them for handing out scripture references to your helpers/readers or use them to make a cute handout with a key word or phrase from the lesson!

You can easily add YOUR OWN text to the PDF using the "add comment" function in Adobe Reader or we've also provided a Word Doc with text boxes already set for you (just add your text; change fonts, font colors as sizes as needed). A sheet of tips and written instructions are included. 

So far we have 9 kits ready - they have all the same pieces, just with different color combos to suit your mood or your topic! These are great for any class - RS, Primary, YW, Sunday School, Bible Study Groups, Seminary, Gospel Doctrine and more! What I love most about having visual aides is they really help you as the teacher with smoother transitions between key topics within the lesson (plus help you look like a teaching rock star)! 

To help you get the most out of your lesson kit, I've put together some lesson planning pages to help you sift through information, find your key topics, list questions and discussion points, etc. Teaching from Conference Talks can be a challenge - these will help form a lesson outline AND help you utilize your lesson kit as well. Below are links to grab some kits and get your freebie!

More blank nuggets available in other kits as well...

Happy Printing!

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