NEW Annual RSVP Pen Insert Gift Set!

Who doesn't LOVE cute pens?!

By popular request - I finally put together an annual set, a pen insert for every month... and LOOK how cute they are all packaged up! So - whether you just want a cute pen on your desk or to use with your planner... or if want to package them up for a gift (or stocking stuffer), this set is is a must have if you are a pen fanatic like me!

Designed for RSVP Pentel Pens (my favorite pen) - it's wide clear tube makes it a great home for a rolled paper insert! Best of all, this pen is cheap and widely available at grocery stores, office stores, big box stores, and online. Below is an easy tutorial to show you how to make them...

To package it like me, a packaging card is provided. Print it on card stock and fold it over to form a strong backing that will hold the weight of 12 pens. Clip the pen lids over the folded edge (in order of course) and slip into a 6x9 cello bag. I got ones that have a self-adhesive closure so all I had to do was fold over and secure to the back. Also provided in the PDF is a printable ribbon/strip to wrap around the package, secure with clear tape and you can simply hide one of the seams under the tag (which can be punched with a 2" punch). So fun, huh!!

Here are some links on Amazon if you are a Prime Junkie like me... (ad)

As always, I recommend using a glossy finish paper and your printer's BEST quality print setting. For more printing tips, visit my FAQ's page!

Happy Printing! 

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