INTRODUCING... Editable Sunday Lesson Kits for 2018!

I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to something Lisa and I have been working on for WEEKS! Since the announcement was made earlier this Fall regarding 3rd hour lessons shifting from manuals to talks/topics and council meetings in the new Come Follow Me Format - we hit the drawing board to come up with a CUTE (and creative) solution. THEN... add that to the DOZENS (and dozens) of emails I get from long-time customers of other faiths wanting lesson kits for their churches - and a brilliant plan was born... BLANK/EDITABLE Sunday Lesson Kits!

This means... any class, any auxiliary, any age, any topic, any talk, any manual, any church/faith - now has as collection of fun, colorful kits at your fingertips! We are launching with 3 kits and will add 3 new ones each month. Each kit will have both a PDF and Word Doc to make editing and adding your own text a BREEZE! A sheet of instructions/tips is included + we tested this with our less-than-computer-savvy mom... AND EVEN SHE COULD DO IT!! 

... and yes - each kit includes blank handout tags, quote templates AND blank nugget wrappers!

You're welcome! ;)

Each kit will include the following: 5 full page posters (great for your key topics and main points), a square poster and strips (great for asking a question; answers on strips), 2 handout tags (4x3 rectangle and 2" round), Quote Templates (8x10 & 4x6) + blank nugget wrappers (great for putting scripture references on to pass out)! 

Overall, they are very similar to our RS Lesson Kits - just blank!

Also included (or available separately as a freebie for everyone) is my Lesson Planner!

I've been teaching for YEARS - it's something I have a knack for, it's something I absolutely love and I'm so grateful it comes very naturally to me. I'm not a preacher - I'm not a reader... instead, I love to generate meaningful discussion, ask thought provoking questions and most of all look for ways to make the topic applicable to every day life. I want my class to leave uplifted and motivated to think more about the topic and how they can use it in their lives. I use the spirit as my guide, but it does take signification preparation to get ready... so I dug deep into my little brain and created on paper how I study, ponder my thoughts, organize ideas and create a flow to my lesson that ultimately becomes a discussion. 

Each section of the planning pages match up nicely with the pieces of our Lesson Kits to help guide you for what text to put on your templates - or it can be used by itself to simply plan out your lesson.

A few tips on editing...

HOW TO ADD TEXT TO WORD: To begin... open the file in Word and click "Enable Editing" to begin. We've already set up the file for you with our cute designs and editable text boxes; you simply just type your own text! You can adjust the font, font size and color just like you would in any Word Document. You can also add, remove and resize text boxes as needed. When finished, use "SAVE AS" and rename your file so you can find it easily in the future - doing so also keeps the original file as a blank template to use for another lesson. If you ever save over the original blank version, you can always download a new blank one here on your account history - or simply delete the text you inserted, click "SAVE AS" again and rename the file. 

HOW TO ADD TEXT TO A PDF: There are two basic (and easy) ways to add text to a PDF. First, simply open the file in Adobe Reader (the most current version is best) and using the "Add Comment" function found on the right panel - simply add text boxes. You can change the font, font size, font color and can move around and resize the text box as needed. Be sure to "SAVE AS" when you are done adding your text - then print! Second, there are TONS of free online PDF Editors out there... just do a search and find one you like. Most are similar... they use an "add text box" function, just like Adobe Reader. When done, download the PDF with the newly added text and print! 

THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX! Our Sunday Lesson Kits will work great for classes AND events for YW, RS, Sunday School, Gospel Doctrine, Bible Study Groups, Activity Days, Primary (Classes and Sharing Time), FHE, Preschool, Home School, PTA Meetings, Council Meetings, etc. The full page posters can be for discussion points in a lesson or to label an activity station... the 4x6 quote template is great for a handout, but could also be used to make invitations - think outside the box, these kits are versatile and can be used in many ways!

The possibilities are truly endless...

A NOTE TO MY LDS FRIENDS... The Lord is raising the bar on us! We need to teach better by the Spirit and rely less on manuals and outlines - and the "exact" words of others (like reading a talk or the majority of a lesson word for word). We need to better learn and KNOW the doctrine of the gospel so we can teach it to others, especially our families! This change is a chance to truly hone in and develop not only a better, stronger testimony - but translate that into teaching more like the Savior. This new format is an opportunity to rise to the occasion and is surely a sign of the times we live. A final thought... these kits are well suited for any lesson or class, YW/RS - even Primary, Youth Sunday School and Gospel Doctrine. They can even be incorporated into your Council Meetings to illustrate goals, topics, questions, actions, etc. Good luck in the New Year! ♥ 

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Happy Printing!

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  1. I am so excited about these kits! I use power point when I teach and would love it if you would show us how we can use/layer the templates in power point and/or if there were a few power pt slides to go with each kit.

  2. What a great idea! Word and Powerpoint are sister programs with Microsoft - I found an article on how to convert Word pages into PP! You'll have to let me know how it works!