NEW Undated Personal Progress Planner!

I have absolutely LOVED this addition to my Planner Collection - and it was my daughter's idea! I'll explain more about that below... 

This planner is a FANTASTIC way to help YW keep track of the Value Experiences and Projects they are working on in a calendaring type format. They should be praying daily and reading scriptures daily as well - so in addition to keeping track of what they are working on, they can track these fundamentals too! The planner also has ample space for journaling to keep track of those experiences where they need to record observations, feelings and results. Another benefit of the calendar format is many experiences have you do this or that for two weeks, like prepare dinners for your family. Recording them on the calendar is a fast and easy way to keep track.

The reason I decided this year's update should be undated is because with a dated version, if a girl comes in in January she gets full use of the planner... but a girl coming in July only gets to use half of it! So, that was the first reason. The second, and maybe even more important, is you can put as many monthly pages in it as you want... making this planner last as long as you want! Put 2-4 years' worth in the planner and this will last them clear through earning their medallion, then be a very fun memento to reflect on the work that went into it. 

New this year besides being undated... added a Service Log to track Honor Bee hours as well as a second scripture reading tracker since to earn their Honor Bee, they need to read the Book of Mormon a second time. Also new... MATCHING PENS! (made for RSVP Pentel Pens)

We can all thank my cute daughter Hailey for this creative approach to Personal Progress. She's so organized, she kept track of everything she did in a plain notebook... but after getting her Medallion and needing to mentor a new Beehive for her Honor Bee, she sat down with me and we designed a planner to reflect on the ways she kept her notebook. My next daughter, who is not nearly has organized as her, has LOVED having a dedicated place to keep track of everything. It's a big feat to work on Personal Progress, to be activity planning projects, especially across values - so this became a fabulous solution. She's also the one who also requested "cute owls in value colors". 

What a sweetie! ♥

You don't need to be a YW Leader to use this... if you have a daughter in YW, she'll love this!!

Happy Printing!

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