2018 RS Planner + SOME FREEBIES!

The Relief Society Planner continues to be a favorite of mine!! And, with so many ideas flooding in every year, it's become one of my most THOROUGH presidency planners too! Before I explain the new stuff... let me point out some of the main pages and sections if you are new to my planners!

The heart of the planner is the Monthly Planning Sections. They come with a dated calendar, weekly to do's, a 2 page presidency spread (for all the things you should be discussing and counselling about in regular monthly presidency meetings), note space for welfare/food order concerns, ward council and more. New to this section is a Monthly Lesson Planner to accommodate the extra planning that will go into selecting topics and talks for 2018 lessons.

Here's a close-up of the new "Lesson Planner" page + the new bonus freebies that come with it - coordinating pen inserts and a matching bottle cap! What can you do with the bottle cap? Make magnets for your boards or my favorite... make a planner clip with 4" paper clip!

Before I post the freebies here - I also wanted to point out the Activity Planners. For the 3 bigger annual activities, there is a 2 page planning spread. For regular monthly activities, there is a smaller (one sheet) planner. In addition to these great pages, there is also budget sheets, a food order log, a service log, notes, lists, contact, annual planners and more. It really takes the guess work and juggling out of a huge calling and dials it down to well thought out sections and pages to keep it all organized - and to keep everyone on the same page (literally).

A note about RS Committees and Compassionate Service Leaders... one of the most common questions I get is if I have a modified planner for other RS callings and leaders. The answer to that is yes and no. :) I don't have one pre-laid out for other specific callings - however, 60-70% of the pages in this planner would be ideal for other callings. Simply go through the PDF and cherry pick the pages they need. For example, the RS Committee can definitely use the calendar, the activity planning sections + the small activity sheet... print what they need and bind it! Same with Compassionate Service Leader... a calendar, the weekly to do's, some notes pages and the service log would be perfect for her. Think outside the box and create smaller planners out of the main one for the other ladies in your organization. 

Ok... on to the freebies! Free for EVERYONE... pen inserts and the cute bottle cap!

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Happy Printing!

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beth said...

I love this, but would you consider selling a digital version for private use? So I can access it anywhere, anytime?? Or would you create one for me as a special order?