2018 YW Theme Bottle Caps: Peace in Christ

My designs for the new YW Theme for 2018 continue!! Today I'm adding the ever-popular bottle cap image - it's almost become a tradition! I also came up with a fun, brand new way to use them too... make with 4" oversized paper clips - fun for notebooks, planners, etc! The girls love zipper pulls to put on back packs, scripture bags etc - or use them to make key chains, magnets or necklaces! They make a great gift or are fun for the girls to make at camp or at a weeknight activity.

Common question... why the shoe? 

The scripture for 2018 is D&C 19:23 and it says:

"LEARN of me, and LISTEN to my words; 
WALK in the meekness of my Spirit, 
and you shall have PEACE in me."

I thought a cute shoe (particularly converse) would make a fabulous object to relate to the theme since it's our job to MOVE... to press forward, to WALK toward Christ to obtain the peace He promises us in this scripture. It's an action - we have to act to obtain the blessing. What better way to creatively remind the girls to take that journey towards the Savior, one step at a time? ♥

If you are new to making bottle caps...

Bottle caps are super easy to make. You'll need E6000 Glue, you'll need the bottle cap images printed as 4x6 photos, punch them with a 1" round punch, adhere to the expoxy sticker and use the glue to glue inside the bottle cap. E6000 glue is SMELLY and strong, so be sure to work in a ventilated area. To attach the paperclip, I used the same glue, just on the back of the cap. Below are links to where I got my supplies: (affiliate links)

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