2018 Music Leader Planner for Primary!

I'm trying to get all of my 2018 LDS Planners updated and this was the next one on my list! This planner has been perfected with YOUR help over the last few years and has gotten rave reviews from some seasoned Primary Music Leaders! The meat of the planner is the monthly planning sections; complete with a dated calendar, a few cute places for general monthly goals and planning + a planning page for each Sunday. Then, once you have your weekly sheet filled out, make a copy for your pianist!

Other pages in the planner include a Sharing Time Theme/Song Schedule by month, a quick reference guide (with page #'s) for reverent/wiggle/fun songs + a list of "go to" learning and practice activity ideas that can be played with any song. There is also a section dedicated to the Primary Program... you'll be able to plan the order, each arrangement, etc for the songs in the program - no more post it notes scattered around! In addition, there are extra "notes" pages, matching printable tabs and new with this edition... coordinating PEN INSERTS!! How did I ever get along without a cute matching pen?!

PRINTING/BINDING TIPS: The least expensive way to make your planner is to print the inside pages at home, punch and store in a 3 ring binder. You can also print the pages, laminate the covers and have it spiral bound at a copy shop. If you'd prefer not to print at home, you can simply save your files to a memory stick and take them to your local copy store - they can work their quick binding magic for you there!

Making your matching pens is super easy as well. The little strips are designed to fit inside RSVP Pentel Pens - which can be found anywhere like Walmart, Target, grocery stores, office stores or Amazon. Best part is - they are AWESOME pens (and they are cheap)! 

Happy Printing!

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