{NEW!} Box of Sunshine Printables - Ultimate Kit

The printables I use the ABSOLUTE MOST are my Scatter Sunshine Tags... BUT, the other day my daughter asked if we could make up a basket for a friend and when I printed it off, it just felt DRAB! So - I did what any good mama would do, I scrapped my plans for the next three days and redesigned the whole set. And - I didn't just stop at a simple redesign... I super-sized it and now it's bigger, better and more colorful than ever! I wanted the colors to POP off the paper in hopes that the recipient's face will light up just as bright.  My original set has been a top seller for years; I'm sure this one will be a hit as well!

With this kit, I decided to add a few uplifting quotes - they are so easy to print (5x7) and cheap to frame... but add SO MUCH to any Box or Basket of Sunshine! Or, they are very giftable all by themselves! Just print, frame, tie a ribbon around the bottom and deliver!

That's the greatest thing about this set... you can give an item individually for a kind drop-by "thinking of you" gift or can combine several tags/items or all of them to build an overflowing basket of love and encouragement. Some of the tags are specific to the item (like "Roll with the Punches, then take a long NAP" tag can go with Rolos or Tootsie Rolls - others, like the "snack in between" one in the pic above could be attached to many different treats!

I also included some cute and coordinating nugget wrappers and kiss stickers. I've told you recently my most FAVORITE paper is glossy sticker paper (here on Amazon, *ad). It makes gorgeous glossy wrappers for both the kisses and the nuggets - but also make fun stick-on tags as well. Just print using your printer's BEST quality print setting, trim or punch and your tags and wrappers will POP off the paper just like mine!

I had SO much fun with this kit and KNOW I'm going to get alot of gifting out of it in the coming years. That's the thing about printables, they are on your computer to print ANYTIME you need them! This is a great addition to my other Sunshine and Emoji printables - anytime you need a yellow gift for someone who is blue... I've seriously got you covered!

 * GIVEAWAY CLOSED * It's been a while since I did a giveaway - so let's do one now!  I'll pick 3 winners from the entries below to win this printable + a $10 Gift Card to my shop. If you've already purchased it and end up winning - no worries, I'll add what you spent for it onto your gift card!

8/28 UPDATE: Congrats to Peggy Emery, Brenda Kennedy and Renee G. Hornback! 
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  1. Thanks - I'm a winner!!! Your designs are terrific and make wonderful gits!!
    Brenda Kennedy