Printable Notebook & Journal Gift Set + Tags & Pen Inserts!

Oh my goodness!! I'm in love - IN LOVE with the colors, the inside pages, the tags, the pen inserts - I love it all!! I constantly get requests for notebooks and journals - so I'm having a ball designing a  whole new collection; each edition will include gift tags and pen inserts to make it super cute and super giftable! 

So grab it, make up a bunch... keep one for yourself and use the rest as gifts!

But first... Since pen inserts are new for my shop - I wanted to show you really quick how easy they are to make! I designed these to be used with RSVP Pentel Pens (#notsponsored) because they are great pens, they are inexpensive, easy to find AND the the tubes are CRYSTAL CLEAR!  After printing (I used glossy brochure paper with my printer's best quality print setting), trim the strips and start a curl by rolling with a pencil. This roll just gets the curve going, you'll need to work the roll pretty small to be able to insert it. Take your time and try not to crease or fold, then insert into the empty tube. Once inserted, just put the ink back in and screw on the top! EASY!!  I'll link up to Amazon below - but you can get this pen just about anywhere... grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc.

The Journal/Notebook is half-size (8.5"x5.5") making it a convenient grab and go size.  For the interior pages, I did four little designs to dress it up a bit, then added 2 coordinating gift tags to make the set super-giftable! For the Pen Package - the printable comes with the striped strip you see in the picture... similar to a nugget tray I guess you could say! If you clip the lids over the top edge, it helps keep the pens in place (plus it makes the whole thing even cuter)!! The cello baggies you should already have in your craft stash if you use my nugget printables - because it's the same baggie! If you don't have any, look for the "Pretzel Stick" size bags in the cake decorating section of any craft store, Walmart has them in the Wedding Aisle or I'll link you up on Amazon below. 

Another couple of tips... I have a personal sized binding machine and I LOVE and use it all the time. It's called a Zutter, sold by a scrapbook supply company. It's easy to use and you can get it on Prime Amazon (linked in the supply list).  For the inside pages, I typically print 25 sheets (front and back), when cut in half that's 50 sheets - then if you count it back to back, it's 100 pages. For this size, I use 3/4" O'Wires with the Zutter. For the covers, I use glossy photo paper and laminate before punching to bind.

Oh my - seriously. Cutest gift ever. I want to make like 20 and give them to everyone! Keep an eye out, I have more designs in the works - you are going to want to start a new collection, they are to die for cute and to have a quick gift like this on hand will be priceless!

PS... Did I mention this journal coordinates with my Bloom Alphabet Nuggets?

(more coming soon!)

Let me know if you have any questions... or suggestions for new items always welcome!

Happy Printing!

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