Nautical Printables: Journal Set + Bottle Caps!

My "Bloom Where You're Planted" Journal Set was SUCH A HIT - that I decided to release my next edition earlier than planned! This series is similar... it's complete with journal/notebook, pen with inserts and gift tags just like Bloom Series + this one has a set of matching bottle caps so you can make this into a super-cute gift or package for someone you adore that's addicted to all things nautical!

The journal is half sized (8.5x5.5), has 4 darling lined pages for the inside and comes with a set of coordinating PEN INSERTS and gift tags!! I'll use some pictures from the Bloom Set to show you how to make dress up your pens (designed for Pentel's RSVP) - I'll link you to them on Amazon at the bottom of the post in case you are a Prime Shopper like me!

Next... the matching bottle caps, by request from a favorite customer... brilliant!

I haven't released any new bottle cap images for a while - so if you are new to them... here's a quick  picture tutorial showing you how easy they are to make! I'll link you to my best supply spot for those as well... :)

This is a great printable by itself for any anchor, sea or nautical fans... or is a fun addition to the Journal Set if you are making up a gift or care package. I think it would be super cute to hang a zipper pull from the spiral binding of the journal!

Below are links to the supplies I use to make these printables!

Let me know if you have any questions... or suggestions for new items always welcome!

Happy Printing!

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