GARDEN Planner, Journal + Free Weekly To Do Page!

I'm SMITTEN with my garden!! It's a new hobby for me... living in the woods of New Jersey for the last several years left me with lots of shade and no reasonable plot. But, now that we are in Idaho with lots of shade-free space, I have an AWESOME garden spot and have vowed to use it and learn how to manage it. I found out REAL QUICK though... I need a planner to keep track of all the details! So far so good... I got most of my seedlings started on time, they transplanted well and now I'm managing a fertilizer schedule and watching my pea pods and tomatoes come on!

I also love the plot sheets... next year I won't have to wrack my brain to remember what I planted where, how many I planted and what varieties yielded the best harvest! I love the seed scheduler - I've already learned I should have started my tomato seeds a month earlier - and we are already enjoying our lettuce, I wished I would have planted another row! Recording these things will help me have an even BETTER garden next year!

I wanted to make several applicable pages, but not get too crazy or detailed.  Below is a list of each page included with the planner... 

 ✔ Front/Back Covers + Tabs
✔ Blank Monthly Calendar (non-dated for use year after year)

✔ Weekly Tasks & To Do's

✔ Seed Schedule (track sow dates, germination, transplant, etc)

✔ Plant Record (track plant history... plant, fertilizer, pest issues, etc)

✔ Garden Plot Sheets; graph-grid (2 kinds)

✔ Annual "At a Glance" Planner

✔ Coordinating Notes 

Or... if that's too much for you - the matching Journal is half-size and just has lined pages for jotting down basic notes and reminders. Kind of like having a dedicated notebook for your garden.

Or... if you aren't a gardener at all, but would love the Weekly Task Sheet - you can download that sheet as a freebie!

Please PIN first, then download free Weekly Task Sheet HERE

Happy Printing!

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