Church Handout BUNDLE!

We have LOVED working on RS Lesson Kits - picking out quotes, coming up with a creative handout for each one; it really has been a cool experience to dive into the lessons that way. Sadly though, MANY of you don't teach RS or are serving in other organizations, but have expressed how you wished you could get the tags to use in your non-RS calling without having to buy each full lesson kit... (since you don't need lesson visuals, word strips, etc). SO... we decided to make a handout/quote bundle for you!!

As we looked back over the last 12 Lesson Kits, we realized each handout and quote isn't "Relief Society-Centric" at all... these are tid-bits of basic gospel principles that apply to all of us! From prayer and testimony - to resurrection and restoration - to the gift of the holy ghost and being daughters of God... so many AWESOME topics are covered! These tags can easily be used for lessons in any class, organization or activity... or even used as VT drop-bys or maybe there's one that would be just the right nudge of encouragement for someone you love! So, whether you are in YW, Activity Days, Primary, Seminary, Sunday School or RS - this bundle will be a great one to have at your fingertips!

Here's a close up of each tag and quote...

However you decide to use them - they are now available OUTSIDE the Lesson Kits and come in a bundle of 12 tag/handouts (with suggestions) + 12 quotes on coordinating topics. Each one, of course, derived from the Gordon B. Hinckley Lesson Manual.  We'll make a second bundle at the end of the year that will combine all the handouts and quotes she does for July-December.

Happy Printing!

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