General Conference Quote PRINTABLES for April 2017!

How LOVELY and AMAZING were the April Sessions of General Conference?!

I was moved, inspired, fortified and uplifted... almost in ways I cannot describe.  I look forward to conference weekends all year! I love gathering with my family, I love taking notes, I love all the treats and most of all, I LOVE to hear the counsel our leaders have for us. I also LOVE how so many of the messages aren't Mormon-Centric!  Their messages ring true for MANY faiths that believe in Christ and believe in accountability before our Heavenly Father. Topics of faith, hope, prayer, repentance, listening to promptings, peace and more... each one extends well beyond our particular church and I love that!

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Available as individual quotes (5x7) or as Collage Posters!

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Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you for sharing these.

stacey said...

So bright nd cheery thank you for sharing with us.

Jolene said...

Perfect for our FHE tonight as we re-cap the wonderful messages. Thank you!!

Grandma Nell said...

Thank You so much!! Do you have a black and white option? I don't have the colored ink.

Colette said...

I don't have a black/white option - you can either use your "grayscale option" in your print properties... or download them and order as 5x7's at a nearby photo lab. :)

Jen Gillespie said...

Colette, thank you so much for doing these! They are wonderful. I don't see the most recent general conference on here. (April 2018) Are you done making them? Or will you be doing them for the upcoming conference? (October 2018) thx!