#PRINCEofPEACE Printables {freebies}

I'm SO EXCITED to finally show you what I've been working on - #PRINCEofPEACE printables!!

One week from today, the LDS Church will release it's official Easter Video introducing the focus and theme for this Easter (now showing at the bottom of this post). I've come to LOVE and anticipate each of these initiatives and am so blessed I get to work directly with Mormon.org and Bonneville Communications to help spread the word about it and give you ideas on how you can incorporate it into your home, family and callings!

 To help jump start my creativity, I got to join a group in Salt Lake last week to preview the video and was BLOWN AWAY. It's a goose-bumping, impactful 2 minutes that will leave you feeling both inspired and loved by our Savior. I was moved very deeply by the words that faded in and out while the music played and the pictures scrolled. Immediately, I knew I wanted to use these exact words in my art.  If you can picture it, I was scribbling notes in the dark as fast as I could to catch it all.  

Aren't those words beautiful?! Gives me goose bumps just reading it! I'm so excited I get to release my printables early - gives us all time to get them printed, framed and on the wall before the video is even released!  Talk about planning ahead!  The subway will be beautiful in our homes, but also perfect for bulletin boards, the smaller sizes can be delivered to Visiting Teaching Sisters and will make great handouts for any class as well.  Don't wait until Easter though... pass them around now so everyone can get their minds focused on the Savior! I love how this message is TIMELESS, it extends beyond our particular faith and will reach millions of hearts... it transcends beyond Easter and I plan to find a spot in my home to leave it up all year long... ♥

Each day throughout Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday (April 9-16) there will be a new "Principle of Peace" to reflect on. Each day will have a short video story of someone who has found peace through living that principle - along with a scripture and some suggestions on how you can reflect and incorporate it into your life.  I thought a banner would be a great visual way to remind you and your family of the principles each day.  

For the last several initiatives I've done nuggets - so that was a given!! I also decided to add bookmarks so our kids and families could carry these words with them. Many of you are Youth Leaders and LOVE a good handout... these would make a great gift the day you introduce the theme and show the video!

To finish off the kit, I wanted to include an easy activity that could be used as an FHE or as part of a Youth Activity.  What I plan to do with my family is show the video (it's only 2 minutes), have them work on this "Principles of Peace" Goal Sheet where they can pick one principle, record an example of it, find a scripture about it and set a small goal to develop it.  Then, have them partner up to do this Names of the Savior Word Search (key included). Top it off with a nugget handout and you're done!

I want to take a quick moment and let you know that these principles have helped me through the scariest and most uncertain times in my life. My husband has fought cancer twice and never fully recovered from all the chemo, radiation and the stem cell transplant that finally got him into complete remission. If I had to wrap up those 4 years in a small paragraph... I would say it was undoubtedly through the compassion of others that I saw my Savior's love most prominently. It was through the prayers of others that I could literally muster the strength to get out of bed most days. Their prayers fill my soul in ways I cannot adequately describe - there is a true and literal power that comes from prayer. It was leaning on the faith of our Priesthood Leaders and the blessings they gave him that bridged the gap when I wondered if we'd ever get through it. It was the unconditional forgiveness extended to me from the Lord when I doubted His plan. I grew and matured so much during those years and possibly most profound for me, was learning that no matter what, I could find peace in being grateful for what I did have. I learned I could find peace in prayer and a special peace that comes only from reading the Scriptures. I came to LOVE the New Testament, reading about the Savior, his miracles and the stories of healing gave me a kind of hope I had never known. Hope in life, hope in healing and ultimately, hope in His plan for me and my family. I'm forever grateful for a Heavenly Father and Savior that was patient with me while I learned (and continue to learn) these sacred lessons.  I know they live, I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and that it's THROUGH Him and BECAUSE of Him that we can find true peace no matter our circumstances.

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The best way to stay updated on each day's topics will be to follow any of the Church's Social Media feeds (like Facebook or Twitter).  If you want a bit more background to help you plan an activity, LDS Media Talk did a great article for reference.

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Much love, dear friends...

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