French Toast Easter Bake + Scripture Scavenger Hunt!

I loved being part of the #HALLELUJAH Initiative as an official kit maker last Easter! My French Toast Easter Bake Recipe and Scavenger Hunt was featured on blogs all over the web and was downloaded thousands of times! So, whether you need a reminder to get your ingredients again this year or maybe you never saw it... I thought it was a good time to repost!  

Not only is this recipe delicious - it's super special! Each of the ingredients in the recipe has been related to the Savior; making it not only a great Easter-Eve Lesson, but also a tasty Easter Morning Breakfast Tradition!

To get started, print off the Scripture Scavenger Hunt PDF and let your kids dive into the New Testament to learn more about the Savior as they fill in the blanks to complete the recipe!  A couple of the scripture clues are a tiny bit tricky, so be sure to use Page 2 to find extra clues. 

(All the downloads are at the end of the post)

Next, it’s time to get baking!! After many attempts with this recipe (and fails) – I finally figured out the perfect bread for making my French Toast Bake… bagels! They are soft AND dense which allows them to effectively soak up the egg mixture AND maintain their shape for soggy-free baking. A fun twist to this might be Cinnamon Swirl bagels or even gluten-free ones for those intolerant.

From there… just follow the recipe! Cut bagels into ½” cubes, make and beat the egg mixture, then pour over the bread.

Be sure to recruit your kids to help you, they’ll have fun making the recipe with the clues they found! I like to mix the cubes and egg mixture in separate bowl to make sure the bread gets well coated – in fact, for that step, talk to your kids about how the tempest was raging and the Savior calmed the storm… so get those cubes tossing and turning like a ship at sea!  As noted in the image above, this is a “make ahead” recipe and it should be refrigerated overnight.  This allows extra time for the bread to adequately soak up the egg mixture. Then, before baking, prepare a brown sugar crumble and “spread” it across the top, just like the Palm Branches were spread for the Savior as he entered Jerusalem! (Crumble recipe included on the cards.)

I included lots of printables… recipe cards in 3 sizes + an easy to print PDF to do the Scripture Scavenger Hunt with your family!

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