Young Women Seek It Game!

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This set, designed for LDS Young Women - will be PERFECT for new Beehives, GREAT for Camp, would make a fun birthday gift for any Young Women, a great Activity Day Graduation Gift when they turn 12... or just a fun game on any old Activity Night. She combined over 50 images that depict the life of a Young Woman; all coordinating in Value Colors of course!

If you are new to Lisa's Seek It Games, they are simple to make and fun to play.  Each card has one (and only one) match... each player just needs to find their match to the center card first! It's a fast game and fun to play multiple rounds... works with 2 or more players, there are 55 cards. 

An instruction card is included.

I get lots of questions about printing, print settings, etc - so I thought I'd do a couple of screen shots to show you where your settings should be so your Seek It Cards turn out perfect!  First - make sure you have the "FIT" box checked... if it's on "Actual Size" - your circles will be slightly larger than 3" rounds (which means when you punch them, you'll cut off the cute edge of Value Color dots)!  This is the setting you should get in the habit of using when printing any of my printables.

Next... select "PROPERTIES" (pink arrow) and another box will pop open.  ALWAYS select your paper type, your print quality changes based on what YOU tell it you are printing on.  I ALWAYS recommend printing on GLOSSY surface paper - so that your ink sits on top and doesn't soak into the paper. Photo paper for this project might be a bit too thick - so my paper of choice is Glossy Brochure Paper.  It's thicker than paper, but thinner than card stock AND both sides are glossy, so the cute back side will be as vibrant as the front.  I'll link you to the kind I buy below.

Once it's printed, you COULD painstakingly cut with scissors, but these are 3" round cards, perfect for punching with a 3" round craft punch!  I laminate my cards (for durability) after punching, then trim with scissors.  My punch won't punch through lamination (I prefer 5ml pouches) - nor do I want to dull it by trying.  It takes me about 30 minutes to trim them all - so I have my girls help me while we watch something funny on TV. 

My FAVORITE way store the games are in these cute round tins with window lids - they fit the card and the stack perfectly!! I also love the tins because they protect my cards (that I spent so much time punching and trimming)!  Or, for a less expensive option, 4x6 organza bags work great and are just as cute.

Below are affiliate links to products/tools that I use when making my games...

4 oz Round Tin (silver w/ window lid):
4x6 Organza Bags:
3" Round Craft Punch:
Glossy Brochure Paper:


Happy Printing!

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Becky Ray Bench said...

Will it be a problem with the HP paper on an Epson printer? Apparently Epson doesn't have this type of paper and I know all inks are different on each paper. Do yo know?

Colette said...

Hi, Becky! Good question! I can't say for certain without trying it for myself - but based on experience with lots of papers and printers, I really think it would be just fine. :)

Kim Denos said...

I just bought the Young Women edition and I can't read the instructions. Are the instructions printed anywhere else? I don't know the rules.
Thank you. MaryAnn