PRINTABLE Birthday Candy Bar Wrappers!

Printable Candy Bar Wrappers - finally done!! This set has been highly requested since I started doing candy bar wrappers last year and I'm excited for how bright and fun they turned out! Whether you have a birthday coming up or not - these are definitely ones to have in your archive. I decided to coordinate and follow the same color patterns as my Birthday Alphabet Nugget Wrappers and do both a bright and a rainbow set!

Like I've done in the past with other sets... The printable includes a wrapper for a regular sized chocolate bar (1.55 oz) with 2" round tags AND a larger wrapper for the large bar (4.44 oz) with 3" round tags.  I also like to attach the round tag to the wrapper using double stick foam squares so it "lifts" it off the bar for some very cute dimension! Of course, I use Hershey Bars - but they would fit many bars of similar sizes, even if you need to trim a bit off the sides for a perfect fit.  The large wrapper wraps perfectly for Microwave Popcorn packets, too. The round tags also work great as gift tags, cupcake toppers and more... get creative!

After new releases like this, I always get bombarded with print questions - so if you are new to printing printables or just want yours to look more like mine - here are my three secrets: 

(PS... these links are to Amazon, #ad)

1 - Use a "Photo Quality" Inkjet Printer (I have this HP Envy 7640)
2 - Use high quality paper (I use this HP Glossy Brochure Paper)
3 - Set your printer to it's BEST Quality Print Setting AND select your paper type

Office Jets and Lasers just DON'T print the color quality that photo smart printers do - and don't be fooled, photo smart printers are typically much less in price than Office Jets and Lasers too!  My Envy cost me less than $100 and I've had it for over a year - so I'm very happy with the quality and long-gevity so far (as I tend to burn through printer's like you can't imagine)!  I also finally figured out that using poor quality paper WASTES all of that expensive ink!! In regular papers and card stocks, the ink SOAKS into the paper giving you a dull color output. But, when you use something with a glossy finish, like photo or brochure paper - the ink is so much brighter... because it's on top, it didn't soak in!  Ink is expensive, so why WASTE it by letting it soak into your paper? Repeat after me -  print on GLOSSY FINISH paper, must print on glossy finish paper!  I buy my photo paper at the Dollar Store and my Glossy Brochure Paper on Amazon (link above).

A note on ink... I am also enrolled in HP Instant Ink. It's an "auto" ship ink program and you sign up for plans based on how many pages per month you print.  Plans start at $2.99 for 50 pages and go up to $9.99 for 300 pages.  I have the $9.99 plan - and RARELY (even with as much printing as I do), reach my 300 page limit (your un-printed pages rollover).  My printer talks to HP and tells them when I'll be ready for ink and without fail, BEFORE I run out, a new box shows up in my mailbox.  No more $100 trips to Target or Sam's for ink for me - I pay $9.99 per month and it doesn't matter if I'm printing black/white pages OR full color on BEST QUALITY - a page is a page. I never run out of ink and I never pay more than $9.99.  My husband has FINALLY calmed down over my obsessive ink usage - and that's (honestly) the best part!

If you sign up - you and I both get a free month!

Happy Printing!

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  1. I am a teacher and YW pres, so I do a ton of printing, but I've been really frustrated with my current printer--not bright, always makes lines through my projects UGH! I think you seriously may have just changed my life--and the instant ink--Seriously?!?!?! I do not want to even admit that I probably spend $60 a month on ink cartridges. If you have any other printing tips, please let me know. This is amazing!! You are awesome!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad you saw my post! You will LOVE this printer if you decide to get it and HP Instant Ink is AWESOME, in fact, I got a package of ink today! I have a few other tips on my FAQ's page - here's a link for you:

    Let me know if you have any questions! ♥