{FREEBIE} VT Quote for January + NEW RS Lesson Kits!

It's a New Year, a new month AND it's time for a NEW Series of Visiting Teaching Quotes!   This month's message is about the purpose of Relief Society and the role women have played (from biblical times to now) to bring to pass the Lord's purposes.  You know me, though... I look for the underlying Christian message so that these quotes more easily transcend faith lines to benefit all of my followers + they are easier to take to less active Sisters.  So, this month, I chose one of the reference scriptures (and one of my all time favorites by the way)!

If you are new to my Visiting Teaching Quote Series, simply take your VT Sisters a frame, then each month drop off a new print/quote that they can swap out!  They come in 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10 - so pick the size that works for you (and consider putting the 8x10 up on your RS Bulletin Board)!

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Now... time for a fun little announcement!

I also get regular requests for more RS Printables in general - so, I've hired Lisa to start designing Lesson Kits for the Gordon B. Hinckley Manual!!  She was THRILLED to work on these this year because she's in the Nursery and it's giving her a chance to really dig in and study the lessons!  She'll have the Lesson #2 Kit ready by this weekend... then going forward, I'll post both Lesson Kits for the new month with the new VT Quote! Perfect, huh!!

The kits will vary lesson to lesson... but in general, you'll find word strips, quotes and other printables to help you deliver a fantastic lesson with great visual aides!

Can I just say... NUGGET WRAPPERS with Scripture References?!! Now, EVERYONE will want to read a scripture or passage from the lesson!

Happy January!

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Bob and Debbie said...

Love it!!! Almost makes me wish I was teaching RS!!!!

Becky aka tata! said...

Oh my goodness!!! I would volunteer to teach RS now!!

Jennifer said...

Is this $5 each lesson?

Colette said...

Hi, Jennifer... :) Yep. Each kit will be designed and sold separately. Great question!