{GIVEAWAY} 2017 Activity Days & Chorister Planners!

Hello, friends! I'm humming along, cranking out 2017 LDS Planners in my sleep these days!! Ha!! Just kidding... in reality, maybe if I STOP sleeping, I'll get the rest of them done - so many planners, so little time. ;) Anyway... I have been able to get the finishing touches complete on the new Chorister and Activity Days Planners and am excited to have them freshened up and ready for 2017!  Love me some planner pages, be still my beating heart. ♥

The Activity Days Planner is very similar to past years - but I gave it a nice font face lift and fine tuned some of the sections and pages for you!  As always, the Monthly Planning Section, complete with dated Calendars and Activity Planning Sheets is the foundation of the planner, BUT... there are TONS of other pages to help keep you organized: Attendance Chart, Rosters, Birthday Tracker, Group and Individual Progress Trackers, Annual Activity Outline + Notes, Budget Sheets and more!  If you are an Activity Day Leader (or know someone who is) - she ABSOLUTELY will LOVE the organization and clarity this planner will add to her calling.  It's set up as an easy to print PDF, then you either punch and put in a binder - or take to a copy shop to spiral bind your pages to make a traditional Planner-Style notebook.

Next up is the Primary Chorister Planner! Since I've only done this one for the last couple years, I've been collecting suggestions and had some AMAZING Chorister Consultants help me up the ante on this one!  I not only updated the awesome Monthly Planning Pages; I also added a Song Schedule, Song Suggestions (for Wiggle, Reverent, Fun, etc) and Activity Suggestions (like Hide & Go Sing, Name that Tune... a list full of games you can easily incorporate as you teach and review Primary Songs)!  I also added a section for managing each song arrangement for the Primary Program that I think you'll love!  If you know a Primary Chorister, definitely tell her to take a look - it will make her calling easier, more organized and hopefully more enjoyable!

NOW... anytime I finish a Planner... it's cause to celebrate!  They are huge undertakings and I always love it when I finish one! So, let's get the ball rolling with a giveaway!  This time there will be two winners - each winner will get to choose the 2017 Planner Printable of her choice + get a $10 credit to my shop!  So, even if you don't need these planners, enter anyway!!

Good luck... winner will be announced on Saturday!

9/17 Update: CONGRATS TO JILL MCGARY &  SHARA GIBSON!  Thanks to all who entered! If you'd like to snag these fun printables, please use YW2017 OR PRIMARY2017 at checkout to save 30%!


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Happy Planning!

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Vicky Weaver said...

Would love to have the AD Planner!

Shara Gibson said...

Thank you so much!! Your printables are amazing! Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us!

Becky said...

Do you do a primary presidency one?

Colette said...

Hi, Becky! Sure do! It should be out tomorrow - Thursday at the latest... :)

Shara Gibson said...

Hey Colette!

Did you receive my email about this? If not, let me know and I can resend it.


Shara Gibson

Colette said...

Hi, Shara... I sure didn't, so glad you followed up - can you resend?



Shara Gibson said...

I sent an email through Etsy. Thanks again for the giveaway!


Annmarie Walker said...

Thank you so much for the Activity Days Planner! I'm a new leader and trying to get organized so I think this will be great. However I just purchased the 2017 planner but am trying to put together my activity days schedule for the whole school year so into June of 2018. Is there any way you can make the schedule for 2018 soon?! Please and Thank you!

Colette said...

Hi, Annmarie... :) I'm so glad you found me and like the planner! I typically release all 2018 planners the first week of September if not before. I'm working on them as we speak - I'm expecting to be early! ♥