{FREEBIE} Summer Bucket List Printable

It seems like every Summer I go on the hunt for a new way to handle activities and boredum... after coming up empty handed, I decided to make my own! 

This bucket list is based on “activity strips” and I tried to create a variety of things that can be done at home, some that are local + a few bigger family field trips.  Use as many as you want and don’t feel overwhelmed to use them all!  You’d be one tired (and broke) Mama at the end of the Summer if you did every one!  You can also create some of your own… page 5 of the printable is full of blank strips. Using the “add comment” feature on Adobe Reader or any online PDF Editor, you can add text (white) to make strips that fit plans you already have or activities that are unique to your family.  Once they are trimmed and laminated, recruit your older kids to help apply the magnets to the back. I personally like the little round self-adhesive ones that are the size of a dime – you can find them at any craft, big box or office store.

We are displaying our Summer Bucket List on our fridge… or you could use a framed magnet board if you have one.  Place the “To Do” and “Done” titles at the top, then stack the strips below.  As you complete each activity, move them to the “Done” column which is a great way to look back at the fun things you’ve done together this Summer!

For the most vibrant print results on a home printer, I always recommend using Photo Paper or glossy brochure paper and setting your printer to it’s “best” quality print setting.  It’s not necessary, but it will help make vibrant colors that will POP!  I also recommend laminating your strips, particularly if you want them to last more than one Summer. If you don’t have a laminator, check with a friend, call your library or visit a local copy shop (or just cover each strip with clear packaging tape)!

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Happy Printing!

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