Monday, February 29, 2016

TUTORIAL: How to Add Text to My Recipe Cards

I sat down the other day to write-up a tutorial on my favorite way (and the EASIEST way) to add text to my Recipe Cards and it just got too long!!  So I thought - THIS would be SO MUCH BETTER in a video format... so here we are!  My tech-savvy teen helped me shoot and edit it and I think it turned out pretty great - I definitely need to do more of these!!  

A couple of things before you watch... I'm showing you how to add text using the design program Scrapbook Max.  It's MUCH easier to use a program like this to add text to JPEGS verses adding text boxes to PDF's with programs like Word or Adobe Reader.  I've promoted it over the years and if you look around my blog much, you know it's the sole program I use to design everything I create.  I use it not only for my printables, but also for my blog graphics and photos!  The BEST part about this program is it's VERY easy to use, VERY easy to learn AND IT'S CHEAP!!  Comparative to many other design programs that cost hundreds, this one is only $29.  I know!! Crazy that I've built a Printable EMPIRE on a $29 digital scrapbooking program, but true!  It's how I started and it's where I stayed!  I should also point out... the instructions in this video would likely be similar in other graphic editing programs for basic functions like importing the JPEG, then adding/moving around text boxes. You can use programs like Print Shop, PhotoShop, MyMemories, Paint... etc... to do the same thing. It's all very similar! :)

Below are some helpful links to get you started after you watch the video:

Scrapbook Max also has a 30 day free trial if you want to give it a whirl before buying it. It will watermark all of your projects until you buy it - but it definitely gives you a great way to test it out and see if it's going to work for you!  Here's the link: SCRAPBOOK MAX! Scrapbook Max isn't Mac Compatible, BUT a very similar program MyMemories is! I did a tutorial on them a while back and it's a very similar program! Check out THIS POST + here's a $10 coupon (which makes it the same price as SBM): STMMMS37341

PS... THIS IS NOT THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN ADD TEXT. The written instructions, included with the printables (both the cards and the Binder PDF's), give you several tips and ways you can add text using various programs.  This is just another way... ;)

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Happy Organizing!

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Michelle said...

I recently purchased Scrapbook Max and am trying to familiarize myself with it. I was wondering if there is a way to make rectangles or circles with this program. I have used Adobe Pagemaker in the past and I really loved all I could do with it. So far I am really enjoying working in Scrapbook Max but am having a little trouble doing all I could with Pagemaker. Thank you in advance for your help.

Sassy said...

If I'm printing my recipes from come do I still publish to a jpg?

Colette - My Computer is My Canvas said...

Hi, Michelle... :) Making shapes in Scrapboook Max is easy - but you have to have "shapes". Basically, you bring in a piece of paper (or scrap paper from the top menu), then "apply shape". You can get shapes in the Scrapbook Max store - or I've learned how to make them on my own. Their shapes work like cookie cutters - which I love because I can turn any paper into any kind of shape. If you need extra guidance, email me and maybe we can chat on the phone... :)

Sassy... I publish mine based on how I intend to print them. If I was working on either the half or full sheet JPEGS, for example, I'd probably publish to a PDF because I would want to print it at home. If I was working on the recipe card jpegs, I'd publish them to jpegs and have them printed as photos. It all really depends, I think, on how you want to print them... :)

Great questions, guys!

phoover72 said...

I just purchased Scrapbook Max and was wondering if I can use it to add text to the designer pages of the recipe binder. It appears they are all in pdf format. Thanks! Patty

Colette - My Computer is My Canvas said...

Hi, Patty... :)

How fun!! You're right... PDF's don't work in SBM (or most graphic design programs) - so I did convert them to JPEGS for anyone who wants/needs them and put them in a separate listing. Here's a link: :)

Have fun, you'll LOVE what you can do in Scrapbook Max!!

Ale said...

How fun! I didn't even knew about a program like this! Now is my wish list! Thank you for all the info!
And I love your recipe cards!

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