Tuesday, December 8, 2015

New "Faux Chalkboard" Poster Calendar!

I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with the "faux" chalkboard printables I've been making lately - I don't know what it is... but that white-ink marker just makes me happy!!  So, I decided I needed a larger poster-sized calendar for my office and this is what I came up with!  Bottle cap magnets included!!

This is my favorite corner of my office and it was working so well, I made a second one so I could have two months at a glance!  I add a new month as one ends, then move the one from the bottom to the top.  It's been a great system - I love it!

I know everyone has different size and calendar styles... so hopefully there will be one to fit everyone's needs!  Like I'm mentioned before - there are tons of white-ink markers out there.  I've found them at Office Max, Staples, Michaels, Walmart and Target... they are pretty much everywhere.  And, I'm just sayin... those little sticks of white goodness are ADDICTING to write with... I love them!!

Just a few notes... this is the 16x20 size - which is probably the best size if you want to use the bottle cap magnets.  You can see that even with the magnets, I still had plenty of room to write in notes and appointments.  The 11x14's would be pretty good as well... obviously a bit smaller writing space with the magnets.  The 8x10 would only allow room for the magnet - and little or no room for writing.  It's all your personal preference... :)  And - using the magnets is optional.  (PS... See the Christmas Tree magnet on the 25th? That's not included with this set, I actually made that one from my Annual Bottle Cap Collection - a fun set of magnets to use WITH this calendar to mark your holidays!!)

TIPS FOR MAKING YOUR CALENDAR:  First, choose your print size and style and order it from your favorite photo lab.  If you plan to use magnets, you'll need to layer a piece of sheet metal behind the print.  I get mine from Lowe's, then use metal sheers to trim to the size of the frame.  Just a note, not all sheet metal is magnetic, so test it with a magnet before you buy it. Layer it all together with glass on top for writing!

TIPS FOR BOTTLE CAP MAGNETS: Then, if you want to use the bottle caps with your calendar here's a helpful post with some how-to's and lots of pictures on how to put them together.  I buy all of my supplies from Fizzy Pops - they are a wholesale craft supplier and have generously agreed to offer my customers a coupon... use CANVAS10 to save 10%!  Just a tip - buy more than you need, because you ALWAYS need more!! To make a set of magnets takes about 10 minutes - they are super quick and easy!

Use COLETTE to save 20% on any purchase, or use CANVAS30 for 30% off $10+

Happy Planning!!

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