Thursday, November 19, 2015

TUTORIAL: DIY 2016 Primary Theme Tile or Block

As a past Primary President, I was always on the HUNT for gifts... themed gifts particularly.  And, because I was on a strict budget AND had a ton to get/make... DIY's usually were the best solution.  So, this post is to show you how easy and cheap it is to create either a Theme Art Tile or Block!

This printable is available in my shop {HERE}... It also comes with matching bookmarks and lip balm wrappers!  I love how these three things are also CANDY-FREE gifts!

The first tip I have for you with this project is printing.  Laser ink DOES NOT WORK well with ModPodge. It runs. I printed these on my home HP Ink Jet printer, using my printer's "BEST" Quality print setting... and used this Photo Paper from the Dollar Store.  If you can't find this paper - I'm sure any photo paper would do... avoid regular copy paper, and if you only have access to white card stock, make sure it's a good quality. At the Dollar Store, this pack comes with 8 sheets for $1.

Next, gather your supplies.  In the printable set, the square image comes as a 4x4 and 5x5.  The 4x4 works perfectly on a white 4x4 shower tile (which you can find at any home store for $0.25 or less), I got mine for $0.17 at Lowes.  The block was a leftover block I had from another project (which is why it was painted black already)... but I originally got it from Lowes.  I bought a 2x6 and had them cut it for me in 6" sections.  If you go during a NON-BUSY time and put on your sweet smile, they'll do this for you for no charge. Your 6x6 pieces will be pretty rough though, so having a mouse sander to soften the edges worked well for me. (You could put your hubby or Boy Scout on that duty)!

For the best color coverage, I painted, sanded and painted again.  Let dry completely.

Then, apply a nice layer of ModPodge, but DON'T goop it on!!  That will saturate your paper and cause the paper to bubble and warp.  Just a nice, complete layer is enough.  You would do the same if you were making a tile.

Next... put your image on, apply pressure and smooth it out. The trick here is to LET IT DRY COMPLETELY... at least 20-30 minutes before applying the top coat of ModPodge.  Applying the top coat too quickly will saturate the paper too much and cause the paper to ripple.  

After it has had time to dry, apply another layer of ModPodge as a top coat. Try to keep your strokes to a minimum and make sure you get the edges well - this minimizes ink running and ensures your edges will all adhere.  After that layer is dry, you might opt for a top coat spray like shown in my supply pic above.

To finish it off, I wrapped the ribbon around the entire block and tied in a bow. Isn't is SO CUTE!!!  How awesome to have this sitting on the night stands of all of your Primary kids all year long!!  

Of course... you may not have the time or budget to do blocks (they will cost a bit more and take more time than tiles).  Here's a few tips on doing tiles...

You'll follow the same basic instructions as the block (minus the paint, of course)!  Then, you'll need to provide a way for it to be displayed... either an inexpensive easel or glue picture hanger teeth to the back - or, I chose to glue ribbon.  To make sure the ribbon stays, I used a nice glob of industrial strength E6000 - the toughest glue I know, (but stinky and not kid-safe, so please follow package directions)!

I also wanted to show you some fun ways to package the tile... I love the cello bag package!! Notice I slipped in coordinating Lip Balm and a Bottle Cap Zipper Pull to make it a complete gift!  In the last picture - I got 4x6 clear envelops from the craft store and the tile fit perfectly!  I then used the "Happy Birthday" tag from my coordinating Candy Bar Printable and stapled it on with a twine bow!  

I hope that helps - these are such easy and inexpensive projects... and a wonderful way to help the kids remember the theme all year long!  You can get this printable {HERE} and please check out my entire collection of printables and freebies for 2016 Primary {HERE}!

PS... You might not be in Primary, but might want to just make them for your family!

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Happy Crafting!

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Anonymous said...

Would having them printed at a photo lab work too?

Colette said...

Unfortunately, these are square images and not formatted in standard photo sizes. You can have it printed at a copy shop though! ;)

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