Thursday, September 10, 2015

2016 Relief Society Planners - NOW Available!!

The fifth and final installment of my 2016 LDS Planners is now available in my shop!  If you've used it in years past and want to skip the post... visit my shop HERE to grab yours now!

If you are new to my LDS Planners - here's a quick tour of the highlights!  First - there is a planning section for each month.  It includes a title/divider page, a dated calendar (that has US Holidays + major Church-wide events), a weekly planner for meeting notes and to do's and a 2 page planning spread that will help you keep track of everything from Sister Concerns to Surgeries, Babies, Callings, Moves, Visiting Teaching, Stake Events and more!  To finish out the section an extra page of notes is included for keeping notes in other meetings like Ward Council.  What I love the most about my LDS Planner Collection is it helps Presidencies effectively see each area they have stewardship over so nothing (and no one) falls through the cracks.

In addition to the monthly sections - there are also contact pages, at a glance calendars, look ahead planning sheets and lots of extra notes pages.  I also include a sheet of divider tabs - simply print on sticker paper, trim and attach... or print on regular paper and attach with staple.  It makes navigating your planner a cinch!

You'll also find sections for planning Super Saturday, the Annual Birthday Social and the Christmas Social.  There is also a section for smaller activity planning as well.  New this year is a budget section which should help you stay on top of your expenses.  

One thing I love about this planner - is you can also create modified planners for other leaders within your organization.  Think about the RS Committee Chair, for example.  By printing her the calendars, the weekly to do pages + the activity planning sections... you've created a custom planner just for her!  So, be sure to think outside the box a bit and use the interior pages as needed throughout your ward organization!

One last tip... you can either bind it all together to function like a planner - OR just three hole punch and put in a binder. If you are ready to grab yours... 

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Happy Planning!

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Rob said...

I really love this planner. I came across it last year when I was a newly called RS president. But, I use mine directly on my iPad in my Notes Plus app. It lets me write in it just as if I were using pen and paper. It also works in Microsoft One Note. Now I always have my planner with me and I don't have to carry a lot of papers with me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rob, can you please share how can I use this planner with my One Note?

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